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Producing resilient middle school students
Lesley Newhouse-Maiden, Nan Bahr, and Donna Pendergast


Promotion of the profession
Nan Bahr, Anne Graham, Jo-Anne Ferreira, Margaret Lloyd, and Richard Waters


Teachers’ professional boundary transgressions: a literature summary
Anne Graham, Nan Bahr, Julia Truscott, and Mary Ann Powell


Education futures : transforming teacher education (Re-framing teacher education for the middle years)
Victoria Carrington, Donna Pendergast, Nan Bahr, Cushla Kapitzke, Di Mayer, and Jane Mitchell


Longitudinal evaluation of the effectiveness of professional development strategies
Nan Bahr, S Dole, Mark Bahr, G Barton, and K Davies


Middle years of schooling in new times : implications for teacher education
D Pendergast, D Mayer, C Kapitzke, C Doherty, V Carrington, and Nan Bahr


Reinforcing students' correlation comprehension
Li KW, M Goos, and Nan Bahr


Finding sustainable spaces for young people in middle schooling : an historical and theoretical enquiry into adolescence
L Hunter, L Patel Stevens, D Pendergast, J Mitchell, Nan Bahr, V Carrington, and C Kapitzke


Three years on : growing teachers for the middle years
J Keogh, Nan Bahr, L Hunter, L Stevens, T Wright, C Kapitzke, D Pendergast, and C Rohner


Constructing 'new' teachers for the middle years
D Pendergast, J Keogh, S Dole, Nan Bahr, A Wright, K Makar, L Hunter, and C Rohner


Student diversity: can innovative curriculum design meet the challenge
Nan Bahr, T Andrews, M Bahr, and K Roulston


From pioneering to quietly confident : researching teachers for the middle years
B Garrick, Nan Bahr, S Dole, J Keogh, and D Pendergast


Potency in professional development for teachers
Nan Bahr, G Barton, S Dole, and M Bahr


Researching teachers for the middle years
B Garrick, D Pendergast, Nan Bahr, S Dole, and J Keogh


After uni days are over : graduate middle years teacher experiences
D Pendergast, Nan Bahr, B Garrick, D Geelan, R Gilbert, E Honan, J Keogh, K Makar, and T Wright


Online learning: beware the hunter-gatherers
Nan Bahr, Mark Bahr, and Catherine A. Doherty

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