Papers from 2017


Chronic psychological stress was not ameliorated by Omega-3 Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA), Joanne Bradbury, Stephen P. Myers, Barbara Meyer, Lyndon O. Brooks, Jonathan Peake, Andrew J. Sinclair, and Con Stough

2017 Frontiers in Pharmacology 8.


Significantly higher faecal counts of the yeasts candida and saccharomyces identified in people with coeliac disease, Joanna Harnett, Stephen P. Myers, and Margaret I. Rolfe

2017 Gut Pathogens 9:26.


Diabetes educator role boundaries in Australia: a documentary analysis, Olivia King, Susan Nancarrow, Sandra Grace, and Alan Borthwick

2017 Journal of Foot and Ankle Research 10.


Ecological restoration of a severely degraded coastal acid sulfate soil: a case study of the East Trinity wetland, Queensland, Hanabeth Luke, Michelle A. Martens, Ellen M. Moon, Doug Smith, Nicholas J. Ward, and Richard T. Bush

2017 Ecological Management & Restoration 18:2 103-114.


Divergent Fe and S mineralization pathways during the oxidative transformation of greigite, Fe3S4, Ellen M. Moon, Richard T. Bush, Dakota HM Gibbs, and Jitendra P. Mata

2017 Chemical Geology 468 42-48.


Comment on "Effects of different omega-3 sources, fish oil, krill oil, and green-lipped mussel against cytokine-mediated canine cartilage degradation" In Vitro Cell Dev Biol Anim. 2017 doi: 10.1007/s11626-016-0125-y, Stephen P. Myers and Christopher J. Oliver

2017 In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology - Animal.


Validity of a Cochrane Systematic Review and meta-analysis for determining the safety of vitamin E, Christopher J. Oliver and Stephen P. Myers

2017 BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 17:1 408-416.


Influences on sustainable behavior, Royce Willis, Stephen C. Provost, and Leslie Christidis

2017 Ecophyschology 9:1 19-25.

Towards a strategic blend in education : a review of the blended learning literature, Royce Willis, Tony Yeigh, David Lynch, Richard Smith, Steve Provost, and Ken Sell


Papers from 2016


Native Australian plant extracts differentially induce Collagen I and Collagen III in vitro and could be important targets for the development of new wound healing therapies, Damian H. Adams, Qingyao Shou, Hans Wohlmuth, and Allison J. Cowin

2016 Fitoterapia 109 45-51.

Paranormal product: the music and promotion of Ghostbusters, Philip Hayward

2016 Sounding funny: sound and comedy cinema 92-109.


Relationships among cognitive function and cerebral blood flow, oxidative stress, and inflammation in older heart failure patients, Christina E. Kure, Franklin L. Rosenfeldt, Andrew B Scholey, Andrew Pipingas, David M. Kaye, Peter J. Bergin, Kevin D. Croft, Keith A. Wesnes, Stephen P. Myers, and Con Stough

2016 Journal of Cardiac Failure 22:7 548-559.

Cultivation of bush tomato (solanum centrale): desert raisin, L Slade Lee

2016 Australian native plants: cultivation and uses in the health and food industries 19-32.


Enrichment plantings as a means of enhanced bush food and bush medicine plant production in remote arid regions – a review and status report, L Slade Lee and Kim Courtenay

2016 Learning Communities:19 64-75.


Conceptualising climate change adaption for native bush food production in arid Australia, Supriya Mathew, L Slade Lee, and Digby Race

2016 Learning Communities:19 98-115.


Bioactivity and chemical characterisation of Lophostemon suaveolens – an endemic Australian Aboriginal traditional medicinal plant, Tarannum Naz, Joanne Packer, Ping Yin, Joseph J. Brophy, Hans Wohlmuth, Dane E. Renshaw, Joshua Smith, Yaegl Community Elders, Subramanyam R. Vemulpad, and Joanne F. Jamie

2016 Natural Product Research 30:6 693-696.


Advances in genomics for the improvement of quality in coffee, Hue TM Tran, L Slade Lee, Agnelo Furtado, Heather Smyth, and Robert J. Henry

2016 Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 96:10 3300-3312.

Papers from 2015


A 10-year plan for quality living for people with disabilities and their carers, Jocelyn Craig and Colleen M. Cartwright

2015 British Journal of Learning Disabilities 43:4 302-309.


Enhancing phytolith carbon sequestration in rice ecosystems through basalt powder amendment, Fengshan Guo, Zhaoliang Song, Leigh A. Sullivan, Hailong Wang, Xueyan Liu, Xudong Wang, Zimin Li, and Yuying Zhao

2015 Science Bulletin 60:6 591-597.


The aquapelago and the estuarine city: reflections on Manhattan, Philip Hayward

2015 Urban Island Studies 1 81-95.


Sedimentary iron–phosphorus cycling under contrasting redox conditions in a eutrophic estuary, Peter Kraal, Edward D. Burton, Andrew L. Rose, Benjamin D. Kocar, Robert S. Lockhart, Kliti Grice, Richard T. Bush, Eileen Tan, and Samuel E. Webb

2015 Chemical Geology 392 19-31.


Safeguarding indigenous cultural heritage during commercialisation of native plants, L Slade Lee

2015 XXIX International Horticultural Congress on Horticulture: Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes (IHC2014): International Symposium on Promoting the Future of Indigenous Vegetables Worldwide 205-212.


Distribution of iron- and sulfate-reducing bacteria across a coastal acid sulfate soil (CASS) environment: implications for passive bioremediation by tidal inundation, Yu-Chen Ling, Richard T. Bush, Kliti Grice, Svenja Tulipani, Lyndon Berwick, and John W. Moreau

2015 Frontiers in Microbiology 6.


Revision of methane and carbon dioxide emissions from inland waters in India, Siyue Li and Richard T. Bush

2015 Global Change Biology 21:1 6-8.


Methane and CO2 emissions from China’s hydroelectric reservoirs: a new quantitative synthesis, Siyue Li, Quanfa Zhang, Richard T. Bush, and Leigh A. Sullivan

2015 Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22 5325-5339.


Negotiating about charges and pleas: balancing interests and justice, Geraldine Mackenzie, Andrew Vincent, and John Zeleznikow

2015 Group Decision and Negotiation 24:4 577-594.


Fish oil and multivitamin supplementation reduces oxidative stress but not inflammation in healthy older adults: a randomised controlled trial, Andrew Pipingas, Andrew Sinclair, Kevin D. Croft, Andrzej S. Januszewski, Alicia J. Jenkins, Trevor A. Mori, Robyn Cockerell, Natalie A. Grima, Con Stough, Andrew Scholey, Stephen P. Myers, Avni Sali, and Matthew P. Pase

2015 Journal of Functional Foods 19:pt. B 949-957.


Coprecipitated arsenate inhibits thermal transformation of 2-line ferrihydrite: Implications for long-term stability of ferrihydrite, Zhaohui Wang, Dongxue Xiao, Richard T. Bush, and Jianshe Liu

2015 Chemosphere 122 88-93.

Papers from 2014


Movement patterns and habitat selection of the endangered eastern freshwater cod Maccullochella ikei in the Mann River, Australia, Gavin L. Butler, Stuart J. Rowland, Peter R. Baverstock, and Lyndon O. Brooks

2014 Endangered Species Research 23:1 35-49.


The current status of knowledge of herbal medicine and medicinal plants in Fiche, Ethiopia, Elizabeth d'Avigdor, Hans Wohlmuth, Zemede Asfaw, and Tesfaye Awas

2014 Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 10.


A methodological framework for ascertaining the social capital of environmental community organisations in urban Australia, Subas P. Dhakal

2014 International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 34:11/12 730-746.


An exploratory perspective on sustainable tourism as wise-use of a protected wetland in Thailand, Subas P. Dhakal

2014 International Journal of Tourism Policy 5:3.


Modelling NPO–government relations: Australian case studies, Craig Furneaux and Neal Ryan

2014 Public Management Review 16:8 1113-1140.


Social and economic effects of spatial distribution in island communities: comparing the Isles of Scilly and Isle of Wight, UK, Adam Grydehøj and Philip Hayward

2014 Journal of Marine and Island Cultures 3:1 9-19.


Population ecology of the eastern pygmy-possum (Cercartetus nanus) in a montane woodland in southern New South Wales, Jamie M. Harris, Ross L. Goldingay, and Lyndon O. Brooks

2014 Australian Mammalogy 36:2 212-218.


Sounding the aquapelago: the cultural-environmental context of ni-Vanuatu women’s liquid percussion performance, Philip Hayward

2014 Perfect Beat 15:2.


Next-generation technologies to determine plastid genome sequences, Robert J. Henry, Nicole Rice, Mark A. Edwards, and Catherine J. Nock

2014 Chloroplast biotechnology: methods and protocols 1132 39-46.


The importance of mandatory data breach notification to identity crime, E Holm and Geraldine Mackenzie

2014 2014 Third International Conference on Cyber Security, Cyber Warfare and Digital Forensic (CyberSec).

The significance of mandatory data breach warnings to identity crime, Eric Holm and Geraldine Mackenzie

2014 International Journal of Cyber-Security and Digital Forensics 3:3 141-152.


Towards an ecosystem approach to small island fisheries: a preliminary study of a balanced fishery in Kotania Bay (Seram Island, Indonesia), B G. Hutubessy, J W. Mosse, P AM van Zwieten, and Philip Hayward

2014 Journal of Marine and Island Cultures 3:2 98-105.


Cultivation and the application of inorganic fertilizer modifies essential oil composition in two Moroccan species of Thymus, Chaima A. Jamali, Ayoub Kasrati, Khalid Bekkouche, Lahcen Hassani, Hans Wohlmuth, David N. Leach, and Abdelaziz Abbad

2014 Industrial Crops and Products 62 113-118.


Effects of cultivation and application of inorganic fertilizer on volatile oils constituents and biological properties of Thymus leptobotrys Murb. and T. maroccanus Ball. from Morocco, Chaima A. Jamali, Ayoub Kasrati, Khalid Bekkouche, Lahcen Hassani, Hans Wohlmuth, David N. Leach, and Abdelaziz Abbad

2014 Industrial Crops and Products 62 113-118.

Carrot seed for contraception: a review, Gabrielle Claire Jansen and Hans Wohlmuth

2014 Australian Journal of Herbal Medicine 26:1 10-17.


Identification of preserved fatty acids in archaeological floor sediments from prehistoric sites at Ban Non Wat and Nong Hua Raet in Northeast Thailand using gas chromatography, Nelum Kanthilatha, William E. Boyd, Ashley Dowell, Alice Mann, Nigel Chang, Hans Wohlmuth, and Jeffrey F. Parr

2014 Journal of Archaeological Science 46 353-362.


Antioxidative activity and synergistic effect of Thymus saturejoides Coss. essential oils with cefixime against selected food-borne bacteria, Ayoub Kasrati, Chaima A. Jamali, Meriam Fadli, Khalid Bekkouche, Lahcen Hassani, Hans Wohlmuth, David N. Leach, and Abdelaziz Abbad

2014 Industrial Crops and Products 61 338-344.


Comparative evaluation of antioxidant and insecticidal properties of essential oils from five Moroccan aromatic herbs, Ayoub Kasrati, Chaima Alaoui Jamali, Khalid Bekkouche, Hans Wohlmuth, David N. Leach, and Abdelaziz Abbad

2014 Journal of Food Science and Technology 1-8.


Chemical composition, antioxidant and insecticidal properties of essential oils from wild and cultivated Salvia aucheri subsp. blancoana (Webb & Helder), an endemic, threatened medicinal plant in Morocco., Mohamed EA Khiyari, Ayoub Kasrati, Ayoub Kasrati, Chaima Alaoui Jamali, Safia Zeroual, Mohammed Markouk, Khalid Bekkouche, Hans Wohlmuth, David N. Leach, and Abdelaziz Abbad

2014 Industrial Crops and Products 57 106-109.


Mutation and mutation screening, L Slade Lee, Bradley J. Till, H Hill, Owen A. Huynh, and Joanna Jankowicz-Cieslak

2014 Cereal Genomics: methods and protocols 77-95.


Chemical weathering and CO2 consumption in the Lower Mekong River, Siyue Li, X X. Lu, and Richard T. Bush

2014 Science of The Total Environment 472 162-177.

Public confidence in the courts in Australia, Geraldine Mackenzie

2014 High Court of Malaysia.


Measuring the effects of small group deliberation on public attitudes towards sentencing: benefits and challenges, Geraldine Mackenzie, Nigel Stobbs, Claire Ferguson, and Karen Gelb

2014 Current Issues in Criminal Justice 25:3 745-761.


Estimates of abundance and apparent survival of coastal dolphins in Port Essington harbour, Northern Territory, Australia, Carol Palmer, Lyndon O. Brooks, Guido J. Parra, Tracey Rogers, Debra Glasgow, and John CZ Woinarski

2014 Wildlife Research 41:1 35-45.


Randomized controlled trial examining the effects of fish oil and multivitamin supplementation on the incorporation of n-3 and n-6 fatty acids into red blood cells, Andrew Pipingas, Robyn Cockerell, Natalie Grima, Andrew Sinclair, Con Stough, Andrew Scholey, Stephen P. Myers, Kevin Croft, Avni Sali, and Matthew P. Pase

2014 Nutrients 6:5 1956-1970.


Acupuncture for menopausal vasomotor symptoms: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial, Marie Pirotta, Carolyn Ee, Helena Teede, Patty Chondros, Simon French, Stephen P. Myers, and Charlie Xue

2014 Trials 15:224.


A community jury on PSA screening: what do well-informed men want the government to do about prostate cancer screening - a qualitative analysis, Lucie Rychetnik, Jenny Doust, Rae Thomas, Robert Gardiner, Geraldine Mackenzie, and Paul Glasziou

2014 British Medical Journal 4:4.


Application of scenario-based approaches in leadership research: an action research intervention as three sets of interlinked practices, Shankar Sankaran, Bob Dick, Kelly A. Shaw, Colleen M. Cartwright, Alan T. Davies, Jacqueline Kelly, and Barb Vindin

2014 Systemic Practice and Action Research 27:6 551-573.


Antibacterial anthranilic derivatives from Geijera parviflora, Qing-Yao Shou, Linda K. Banbury, Alan T. Maccarone, Dane E. Renshaw, Htwe Mon, Stefani Griesser, Hans J. Griesser, Stephen J. Blanksby, Joshua Smith, and Hans Wohlmuth

2014 Fitoterapia 93 62-66.


Public preferences for sentencing purposes: what difference does offender age, criminal history and offence type make?, Caroline A. Spiranovic, Lynne D. Roberts, David Indermaur, Kate Warner, Karen Gelb, and Geraldine Mackenzie

2014 Criminology & Criminal Justice 12:3 289-306.


Sentencing and public confidence in Australia: the dynamics and foci of small group deliberations, Nigel Stobbs, Geraldine Mackenzie, and Karen Gelb

2014 Australian & New Zealand Journal of Criminology 48:2 219-237.


Deliberative democracy and cancer screeening consent: a randomised control trial of the effect of a community jury on men's knowledge about and intentions to participate in PSA screening, Rae Thomas, Paul Glasziou, Lucie Rychetnik, Geraldine Mackenzie, Robert Gardiner, and Jenny Doust

2014 BMJ Open 4:12.

Deliberate democracy for cancer screening decisions: the effect of a community jury on men's knowledge and intentions to participate in PSA screening, Rae Thomas, P Glasziou, Lucie Rychetnik, Geraldine Mackenzie, Robert Gardiner, and Jenny Doust

2014 Preventing overdiagnosis: winding back the harms of too much medicine.


Selective oxidation of arsenite by peroxymonosulfate with high utilization efficiency of oxidant, Zhaohui Wang, Richard T. Bush, Leigh A. Sullivan, Chuncheng Chen, and Jianshe Liu

2014 Environmental Science & Technology 48:7 3978-3985.


Adulteration of Ginkgo biloba products and a simple method to improve its detection, Hans Wohlmuth, Kate Savage, Ashley Dowell, and Peter Mouatt

2014 Phytomedicine 21:6 912-918.

Papers from 2013


Corporate governance in five Arabian Gulf countries, Nabil Baydoun, William Maguire, Neal Ryan, and Roger Willett

2013 Managerial Auditing Journal 28:1 7-22.


Subtle idiosyncracy: sound and music in the Australian animated short film 'The Lost Thing' (2010), Rebecca Coyle, Jon Fitzgerald, and Philip Hayward

2013 Screen Sound 4 45-57.

Music in science fiction television: tuned to the future, K J. Donnelly and Philip Hayward


Upside-down world: Jerry Goldsmith's landmark score for Planet of the Apes (1968), Jon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward

2013 Music and the Moving Image 6:2 32-43.


Integrated and intersected: Kylie Minogue, Baz Luhrmann and the use of popular song material in Moulin Rouge!, Philip Hayward

2013 Screen Sound 4 31-43.


Island leverage: Vanessa Quai Vanuatu and transnational career performance, Philip Hayward

2013 Popular Music and Society 36:2 162-174.

Whimsical complexity: music and sound design in The Clangers, Philip Hayward

2013 Music in science fiction television: tuned to the future 72-86.

Rematerialisation: musical engagements with the British TV series Dr Who, Philip Hayward and Jon Fitzgerald

2013 Music in science fiction television: tuned to the future.

Rematerialization: musical engagements with the British TV series Doctor Who, Philip Hayward and Jon Fitzgerald

2013 Music in science fiction television: tuned to the future 135-150.


Language, music and cultural consolidation on Minami Daito, Philip Hayward and Daniel Long

2013 Perfect Beat 14:1 7-32.


Agronomic and quality attributes of worldwide primitive barley subspecies, Abderrazek Jilal, Stefania Grando, Robert J. Henry, Nicole Rice, and Salvatore Ceccarelli

2013 Advance in Barley Sciences: Proceedings of 11th International Barley Genetics Symposium 115-123.


Retention of the rural allied health workforce in New South Wales: a comparison of public and private practitioners, Sheila Keane, Michelle Lincoln, Margaret I. Rolfe, and Tony Smith

2013 BMC Health Services Research 13:32.

Current issues in research in Australia, Geraldine Mackenzie

2013 Universities Australia Council of Australian University Librarians.


Dr John F Kearney QC AM: an enduring legacy, Geraldine Mackenzie

2013 Bond Law Review 25:2.

People smuggling and Federal criminal sentencing, Geraldine Mackenzie

2013 National Access to Justice & Pro Bono Conference.

Public confidence and the courts, Geraldine Mackenzie

2013 Austrade Alumni Reunion.


First report of fingerprinting dried herbal products using a subtractive diversity array, Linhai Niu, Nitin Mantri, Hans Wohlmuth, Chunguang Li, Charlie C. Xue, and Edwin Pang

2013 Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine 10:1 1-11.


A gDNA microarray for genotyping salvia species, Alexandra Olarte, Nitin Mantri, Gregory Nugent, Hans Wohlmuth, Chun Guang Li, Charlie Xue, and Edwin Pang

2013 Molecular Biotechnology 54:3 770-783.


Enhancing citizen engagement in cancer screening through deliberative democracy, Lucie Rychetnik, Stacy M. Carter, Julia Abelson, Hazel Thornton, Alexandra Barratt, Vikki A. Entwistle, and Geraldine Mackenzie

2013 Journal of the National Cancer Institute 105:6 380-386.


Parvifloranines A and B, Two 11-Carbon Alkaloids from Geijera parviflora, Qingyao Shou, Linda K. Banbury, Joshua Smith, Xiaoxiang He, Ashley Dowell, Hans J. Griesser, Michael Heinrich, and Hans Wohlmuth

2013 Journal of Natural Products 76:7 1384-1387.

Staying focused on the big picture: should Australia legislate for corporate manslaughter based on the United Kingdom model?, Des Taylor and Geraldine Mackenzie

2013 Criminal Law Journal 37 99-113.

Well-informed men and their decision to screen for Prostate cancer, R Thomas, J Doust, Geraldine Mackenzie, L Rychetnik, and P Glasziou

2013 The 9th Annual Gold Coast Health and Medical Research Conference.

Papers from 2012


National nursing registration in Australia: a way forward for nurse practitioner endorsement, Andrea Driscoll, Clare Harvey, Anna Green, Robert P. Weatherby, Danny Liew, David Prentice, Julie Lord, Geraldine Lee, Dianne Crellin, Naomi Dobroff, and Melodie Heland

2012 American Academy of Nurse Practioners Journal 24:3 143-148.

Planes of illusion: music soundtrack, rendition and attribution in Sanctum, Jon Fitzgerald, Philip Hayward, and David Brennan

2012 Perfect Beat 13:2 111-126.


Sustainability transitions and their governance: lessons and next-step challenges, Niki Frantzeskaki, Joop Koppenjan, Derk Loorbach, and Neal Ryan

2012 International Journal of Sustainable Development 15:1-2 173-186.

All mashed up? songs, music and allusionism in the loved ones (2009), Philip Hayward

2012 Screen Sound: The Australasian Journal of Soundtrack Studies 3 35-50.

A place in the world: globalization, music and cultural identity in contemporary Vanuatu, Philip Hayward

2012 Music and globalization: critical encounters 52-74.


Aquapelagos and aquapelagic assemblages, Philip Hayward

2012 Shims: The International Journal of Research into Island Cultures 6:1 1-11.


Merlionicity: the twenty first century elaboration of a Singaporean symbol, Philip Hayward

2012 Journal of Marine and Island Cultures 1:2 113-125.


The constitution of assemblages and the aquapelagality of Haida Gwaii, Philip Hayward

2012 Shima: The International Journal of Research Into Island Cultures 6:2 1-14.

Sotetsu heritage: cycads, sustenance and cultural landscapes in the Amami islands, Philip Hayward and Sueo Kuwahara

2012 Locale: The Australian-Pacific Journal of Regional Food Studies 2.


The dynamics and sustainability of Ambon’s smoked tuna trade, Philip Hayward and Jacobus W. Mosse

2012 Journal of Marine and Island Cultures 1:1 3-10.

Human machine music: an analysis of creative practices among Australian ‘live electronica’ musicians, Barry Hill and Jon Fitzgerald

2012 Perfect Beat 13:2 161-180.


A matter of judgement: the effect of information and deliberation on public attitudes to punishment, David Indermaur, Lynne Roberts, Caroline Spiranovic, Geraldine Mackenzie, and Karen Gelb

2012 Punishment & Society 14:2 147-165.

ARC grants, Geraldine Mackenzie

2012 Central Queensland University Early Career Researcher Program.

Privatising the public university, Geraldine Mackenzie

2012 Research Workshop at Australian National University College of Law.

Sentencing, Geraldine Mackenzie

2012 National Judicial Orientation Program.