A 10-year plan for quality living for people with disabilities and their carers

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Craig, JE & Cartwright, C 2015, 'A 10-year plan for quality living for people with disabilities and their carers', British Journal of Learning Disabilities, vol. 43, no. 4, pp. 302-309.

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Background: The concerns of older carers of an adult with disabilities have been well documented. The sudden incapacity or death of the carer can result in a crisis response rather than a planned transition to a chosen sustainable alternative care arrangement for the person with disability. Building on previous ‘Futures Planning’ projects, the aim of this project was to enrich the lives of people with disabilities and their carers whilst ensuring that their wishes for the future are documented to provide security. Materials and Methods: This article reports on information sessions and workshops that were held for people with disabilities, their carers and staff, and the training sessions for staff for this project. Results: The sessions underlined the fact that people with disabilities want to enjoy the same experiences that most other people enjoy. Drawing on the ideas and suggestions from participants, the ‘Futures Planning’ documents were modified to meet the aims of the Quality Living project, making them suitable for planning for quality living for the carer and the person with a disability for the next 10 years. Conclusions: Findings supported the concept that planning allows people with disabilities and their carers to take steps to achieve their dreams.

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