Calling the tune: CD-ROMs and the Australian music industry 1995-96

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Czencz, I & Hayward, P 1997, 'Calling the tune: CD-ROMs and the Australian music industry 1995-96', Convergence, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 90-99.

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This article follows-up a previous study - in the Spring 1995 issue of Convergence 1 - which analysed the early development of music CD-ROMs with particular regard to Australian music industry initiatives. The 1995 study signalled the emergence of the Internet as a threat to the further development and exploitation of music CD-ROMs and noted that 'predictions as to when the Internet will effectively render music CD- ROMs redundant tend to opt for a five to 15-year period'.2 It also suggested that 'the two forms will be able to co-exist and complement each other (at least during a transitional stage).3 This article analyses these characterisations and conclusions with reference to the production and consumption of music CD-ROMs in Australia in the period 1995- 96. While the case studies offered here are specifically national, the analyses and prognoses are more generally applicable to the international music/media industry.

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