Cultural tectonics

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Hayward, P 2000, 'Cultural tectonics', Convergence, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 39-47.

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This article offers a critique of the notion of globalisation and of common assumptions about the efficacy and applicability of a range of new cultural technologies to non-western/developed cultures. In particular, the article stresses the materiality of planet Earth and the politics of resources in its less economically 'enabled' regions as elements which must be taken into account in the kinds of theoretical writing emerging in the field of new cultural technology studies. As befits the frequently used communicative modes of various interviewees and collaborators from the western Pacific region whose ideas inform my thinking in this article, my contentions are expressed through a mixture of conventional critical argument and a series of examples, allusions, metaphors and aphorisms intended to inform and stimulate the engaged reader.

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