Picture this: media representations of visual art and artists

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Hayward, P (ed.), Picture this: media representations of visual art and artists, John Libbey, London. ISBN: 0861961269


Media, particularly in the form of broadcast television, has revolutionized an individual's relationship to culture and cultural practices. This anthology examines the complex set of relationships between art forms, popular cultural practices (including watching television), technology, and audiences. Focus is upon visual arts and artists, and particularly on painting/photography, sculpture, and architecture. Essays include: (1) "Echoes and Reflections: The Representation of Representations" (Philip Hayward); (2) "Representing Art or Reproducing Culture?--Tradition and Innovation in British Television's Coverage of the Arts, 1950-87 (John Wyver); (3) "Postmodernism, Television, and the Visual Arts--A Critical Consideration of the 'State of the Art'" (John Roberts); (4) "All That is Solid Melts on the Air--Art, Video, Representation, and Postmodernity" (Steven Bode); (5) "Artists Mythologies, and Media Genius, Madness, and Art History" (Griselda Pollock); (6) "The Architect as Ubermensch" (Julian Petley); (7) "The Childish, the Insane, and the Ugly--Modern Art in Popular Films and Fiction of the Forties" (Diane Waldman); (8) "Critical Contradictions--Media Representations of 'The Dinner Party' as 'Feminist Art'" (Marie Gillespie; Sylvia Hines); (9) "Art and Images of Women--An Interview with Gina Newson" (Sylvia Paskin); (10) "Screening Photography" (Andrea Rehberg); (11) "Gardens of Speculation--Landscape in 'The Draughtsman's Contract'" (Simon Watney). Notes on the contributors, a filmography index, and an index conclude the work.