Culture technology and creativity: in the late twentieth century

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Hayward, P (ed.) 1991, Culture technology and creativity: in the late twentieth century, John Libbey, London. ISBN: 0861961269


Preface / Rodney Wilson -- Foreword / Will Bell -- 1. Introduction. Technology and the (trans)formation of culture / Philip Hayward -- 2. How intimate can art and technology really be?: a survey of the art and technology movement of the sixties / Marga Bijvoet -- 3. From abstraction to simulation: notes on the history of computer imaging / Andy Darley -- 4. Holography - art in the space of technology: Margaret Benyon, Paula Dawson and the development of holographic arts practice / Rebecca Coyle -- 5. The architecsonic object: stereo sound, cinema and colors / Philip Brophy -- 6. Scratch and after: edit suite technology and the determination of style in video art / George Barber -- 7. Industrial light and magic: style, technology and special effects in the music video and music television / Philip Hayward -- 8. Power, access and ingenuity: electronic imaging technologies and contemporary visual art / Jeremy Welsh -- 9. Art byting the dust: some considerations on time, economy and cultural practices of postmodernity / Tony Fry -- 10. A new day for music? Digital technologies in contemporary music-making / Alan Durant -- 11. Digitisation and the living death of photography / Anne-Marie Willis -- 12. Negotiating presence: performance and new technologies / Andrew Murphie -- 13. Metamedia and cyberspace: advanced computers and the future of art / Paul Brown.