Future visions: new technologies of the screen

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Hayward, P & Wollen, T (eds) 1993, Future visions: new technologies of the screen, British Film Institute Press, London. ISBN: 085170400X


Introduction: surpassing the real / Philip Hayward and Tana Wollen -- The bigger the better: from Cinemascope to IMAX / Tana Wollen -- Computer technology and special effects in contemportary cinema / Robin Baker -- Towards higher definition television / Jean-Luc Renaud -- Multimedia / Frank Rickett -- Refiguring culture / Timothy Binkley -- Interactive games / Leslie Haddon -- The genesis of virtual reality / Rebecca Coyle -- Virtual reality: beyond Cartesian space / Sally Pryor and Jill Scott -- Situating Cyberspace: the popularisation of virtual reality / Philip Hayward.