Papers from 2005

Sentencing, Geraldine Mackenzie

2005 The Queensland law handbook : your practical guide to the law.


Heavy episodic drinking and sensation seeking in adolescents as predictors of harmful driving and celebrating behaviours: implications for prevention, Eric van Beurden, Avigdor Zask, Lyndon O. Brooks, and Reyna Dight

2005 Journal of Adolescent Health 37:1 37-43.

Papers from 2004

Crossfire: an Australian jazz-rock fusion journey, Jon Fitzgerald

2004 The history and future of jazz in the Asia-Pacific region: refereed proceedings of the inaugural Asia-Pacific Jazz Conference.

Alternative mixes: a comparative discussion of contemporary music programs at Macquarie and Southern Cross Universities, Jonathon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward

2004 Proceedings of the XXVIth Annual Conference of the Australian Association for Research in Music Education.

Off the planet: music, sound and science fiction cinema, Philip Hayward


Tourism, contact and cultural commodification: a case study of local musical entertainment on the Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia from the 1930s to 1990s, Philip Hayward

2004 Pacific Islands Tourism.

The present and future of jazz in the Australia-Pacific region: refereed papers from the first Asia-Pacific Jazz Conference, Philip Hayward and G Hodges


Criminal procedure: new appeal provisions, Geraldine Mackenzie

2004 Proctor 24:10 9-10.

Law and order: back to the future, Geraldine Mackenzie

2004 12th International Conference of the Law and Literature Association of Australia.


The Hanson trial: please explain?, Geraldine Mackenzie

2004 Southern Cross University Law Review 8 162-176.

A statistical model to predict episodes of Ross River Virus infection in Northern New South Wales, Australia, Geoffrey Morgan, John R. Beard, Kathy Jong, and Lyndon O. Brooks

2004 Sixteenth Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE).


From venom to pain research: a novel use of a scorpaenidae venom, Joan M. O'Connor, Scott T. Hahn, and Lyndon O. Brooks

2004 Biological Research for Nursing 6:2 100-109.

Papers from 2003


Health impacts of pesticide exposure in a cohort of outdoor workers, John R. Beard, Tim Sladden, Geoffrey Morgan, Geoffrey Berry, Lyndon O. Brooks, and Anthony McMichael

2003 Environmental Health Perspectives 111:5 724-730.

At the confluence: Slim Dusty and Australian country music, Jon Fitzgerald

2003 Outback and urban 29-54.

North country: Graeme Connors and tropical Queensland, Jon Fitzgerald

2003 Outback and urban 75-98.

Popular music theory and musicianship, Jon Fitzgerald


Outback and urban: Australian country music, Philip Hayward


Roots and crossovers: Australian country music, Philip Hayward and Geoff Walden


Judges and sentencing, Geraldine Mackenzie

2003 Australasian Law Teachers Association Conference.

The art of balancing: Queensland judges and the sentencing process, Geraldine Mackenzie

2003 Alternative Law Journal 28:6 288-291.

Recognising Indigenous customary law in Queensland, Geraldine Mackenzie and N Watson

2003 Discovering Democracy Summit: Civics Through Partnerships.


Can we skill and activate children through primary school physical education lessons? "move it groove it": a collaborative health promotion intervention, Eric van Beurden, Lisa M. Barnett, Avigdor Zask, Uta C. Dietrich, Lyndon O. Brooks, and John R. Beard

2003 Preventive Medicine 36:4 493-501.

Papers from 2002


How active are rural children in Australian physical education?, Lisa M. Barnett, Eric van Beurden, Avigdor Zask, Lyndon O. Brooks, and Uta C. Dietrich

2002 Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 5:3 253-265.

Another front: the impact of British pop within New South Wales (Australia) 1963-1966, Jon Fitzgerald

2002 Perfect Beat 6:1 49-67.

The impact of British pop within New South Wales (Australia) 1963-1966, Jon Fitzgerald

2002 Perfect Beat: The Pacific Journal Of Research Into Contemporary Music And Popular Culture 6:1 49-67.

Hearing the call: music and social history on Lord Howe Island, Philip Hayward


Achieving consistency in sentencing: moving to best practice, Geraldine Mackenzie

2002 University of Queensland Law Journal 22 74-90.


An enduring influence: Sir Samuel Griffiths and his contribution to criminal justice in Queensland, Geraldine Mackenzie

2002 2:1 53-63.

Sentencing, Geraldine Mackenzie

2002 Queensland law handbook.

Supervision by distance, Geraldine Mackenzie

2002 Research on Research Supervision Conference.

Papers from 2001

A way to explore the concept of rhythm hooks in popular music: Burns' (1987) rhythm hooks category applied to top 40 hits by the Police, Alan Anderson and Jon Fitzgerald

2001 Victorian Journal of Music Education 2000-2001 22-30.

Tide lines: music, tourism and cultural transition in the Whitsunday Islands (and adjacent coast), Philip Hayward


Questions of origin: George Telek and David Bridie's collaborative recordings, Philip Hayward and Denis Crowdy

2001 Kulele: occasional papers on Pacific music and dance 3.

Mokuyo-to no ongaku: music and the Japanese community in the Torres Strait (1890-1941), Philip Hayward and Junko Konishi

2001 Perfect Beat 5:3 34-47.


Active school playgrounds- myth or reality? results of the 'Move It Groove It' project, Avigdor Zask, Eric van Beurden, Lisa M. Barnett, Lyndon O. Brooks, and Uta C. Dietrich

2001 Preventive Medicine 33:5 402-408.

Papers from 2000

Lennon-McCartney and the 1960s British invasion, Jon Fitzgerald

2000 The Beatles, popular music and society: a thousand voices.

A glad round of melody and song: Frank Hurley and the Music of Erub, 1920/21, Philip Hayward

2000 Perfect Beat 5:3.


Cultural tectonics, Philip Hayward

2000 Convergence 6:1 39-47.

Local syncretism: emergent pacific musics, Philip Hayward

2000 Popular Music Studies (Japan) 4 102-114.

Riding the rhythm: a short survey and critique of Australian popular music studies and its relationship to mainstream Australian ethno-/musicology, Philip Hayward

2000 Musicology Australia 23:176.

Review of "Crime and the criminal justice system: 2000 and beyond", Geraldine Mackenzie

2000 The Proctor 20:9.

Review of "Sentencing reform and penal change: the Victorian experience", Geraldine Mackenzie

2000 The Proctor 20:9 35-36.

Papers from 1999


From the ashes: a case study of the re-development of local music recording in Rabaul (Papua New Guinea) following the 1994 volcanic eruptions, Denis Crowdy and Philip Hayward

1999 Convergence 5:3 67-82.

Musical transport: Van Dyke Parks, Americana and the applied orientalism of Tokyo Rose, Jon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward

1999 Widening the horizon: exoticism in post-war popular music.

Tropical cool: the Arthur Lyman sound, Jon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward

1999 Widening the horizon: exoticism in post-war popular music.


Inter-planetary soundclash: music, technology and territorialisation in Mars attacks!, Philip Hayward

1999 Convergence 5:1 47-58.

Widening the horizon: exoticism in post-war popular music, Philip Hayward


Papers from 1998

Music at the borders: Not drowning, Waving and their engagement with Papua New Guinean culture 1986-96, Philip Hayward


Picture this: media representations of visual art and artists, Philip Hayward


Sound alliances : indigenous peoples, cultural politics, and popular music in the Pacific, Philip Hayward


The Papua New Guinea music industry and the world music market, Philip Hayward

1998 Proceedings of Popular Music: Intercultural Interpretations: International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) 5th International Conference 442-447.

Criminal sentencing: fines, Geraldine Mackenzie

1998 The laws of Australia.

Queensland sentencing manual, John Robertson and Geraldine Mackenzie


Papers from 1997


Calling the tune: CD-ROMs and the Australian music industry 1995-96, Ian Czencz and Philip Hayward

1997 Convergence 3:1 90-99.


Songwriters in the U.S. top forty, 1963–1966, Jon Fitzgerald

1997 Popular Music and Society 21:4 85-110.


Danger! Retro-affectivity!: the cultural career of the Theremin, Philip Hayward

1997 Convergence 3:4 28-53.

One instrument, many voices, Philip Hayward and K Neuenfeldt

1997 The Didjeridu: from Arnhem Land to Internet.

Papers from 1996

"Down into the fire": a case study of a popular music recording session, Jon Fitzgerald

1996 Perfect Beat 2:4 63-77.


Lennon‐McCartney and the “middle eight”, Jon Fitzgerald

1996 Popular Music and Society 20:4 41-52.

Popular songwriting 1963-1966: stylistic comparisons and trends within the U.S. top forty, Jon Fitzgerald

1996 PhD thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

A fine mess: video art and video criticism in the 1970s and 1980s, Philip Hayward

1996 Diverse practices : a critical reader on British video art.


Ben Greenman, net music (New York: Michael Wolff and Company/ Random House, 1995), 393pp. ISBN 0 679 76385 6; and Ian Peel, Music and the Internet (Bath [UK]: Future Publishing, 1996), Philip Hayward

1996 Convergence 2:2 134-139.

The crimson parrot law multimedia project - civil procedure module, S Jackson and Geraldine Mackenzie

1996 Australasian Law Teachers Association Conference.

Medico-legal issues, Geraldine Mackenzie

1996 Health informatics: an overview.

Papers from 1995


Motown crossover hits 1963–1966 and the creative process, Jon Fitzgerald

1995 Popular Music 14:1 1-11.


When the Brill building met Lennon‐McCartney: continuity and change in the early evolution of the mainstream pop song, Jon Fitzgerald

1995 Popular Music and Society 19:1 59-77.


Enterprise on the new frontier: music, industry and the internet, Philip Hayward

1995 Convergence 1:2 29-44.


Window of opportunity CD-ROMs, the international music industry and early Australian initiatives, Philip Hayward and Geraldine Orrock

1995 Convergence 1:1 61-79.

Summary offences law and practice Queensland, Geraldine Mackenzie

1995 Summary offences law and practice Queensland.

Papers from 1994

Technology in continuing legal education, Geraldine Mackenzie

1994 National Continuing Legal Education Administrators Association Conference.

The chicken or the egg: standards or solutions for electronic records, Geraldine Mackenzie

1994 Second National Health Informatics Conference.

Criminal law, Geraldine Mackenzie and J Robertson

1994 The Queensland Annual Law Review 1993-1994.

The crimson parrot: multimedia for law students, Geraldine Mackenzie and I Wilson

1994 ALTA 1994 : proceedings of the 49th Australasian Law Teachers' Association Conference.

The crimson parrot: a multimedia project in law, Ian Wilson and Geraldine Mackenzie

1994 9th BILETA Conference.

Managing a large multimedia project, I Wilson and Geraldine Mackenzie

1994 First National Conference on Computer Assisted Learning in Law.

Papers from 1993

Future visions: new technologies of the screen, Philip Hayward and Tana Wollen


Going to a victim's aid: when do you have a defence?, Geraldine Mackenzie

1993 Queensland Law Society Journal 23 596-600.

Let's order treatment - not trouble: legal issues for implementing order entry, Geraldine Mackenzie

1993 Inaugural National Health Informatics Conference.

Criminal law, Geraldine Mackenzie and J Robertson

1993 The Queensland Annual Law Review 1992.

Papers from 1992

Does dietary change follow nutrition advice given at public cholesterol screening?, K Fardon, Eric van Beurden, R James, J Christian, and Lyndon O. Brooks

1992 Australian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics 49:4 117-121.

Advanced technologies and the role of critical theory, Philip Hayward

1992 Forum papers of Shift: Critical Strategies Conference 57-63.

From pop, to punk, to postmodernism: Australian popular music and culture from the 1960s to the 1990s, Philip Hayward


Sound commodities: copyright, sampling & cultural politics, Philip Hayward

1992 Media International Australia 64.

Criminal law, Geraldine Mackenzie and J Robertson

1992 The Queensland Annual Law Review 1991-1992.

Papers from 1991

Culture, logic and criticism, Philip Hayward

1991 Media Information Australia 61.

Culture technology and creativity: in the late twentieth century, Philip Hayward



Desire caught by its tale: the unlikely return of the merman in Madonna's Cherish, Philip Hayward

1991 Cultural Studies 5:1 98-106.

Case and comment - Tranby, Geraldine Mackenzie

1991 Criminal Law Journal 15 367-369.

Criminal law, Geraldine Mackenzie

1991 The Queensland Annual Law Review 1990-1991.

No collateral contract when purchaser fails to sign at auction, Geraldine Mackenzie

1991 Australian Property Law Bulletin 5 66-68.

Section 669A(2) Criminal Code: Appeal or abuse process?, Geraldine Mackenzie

1991 Queensland Law Society Journal 23 41-45.

Papers from 1990

How ABC capitalised on cultural logic, Philip Hayward

1990 The media reader.

Papers from 1989

Rhapsodies of difference, Philip Hayward

1989 Mediamatic 4:1/2 13-22.

Papers from 1988

Beyond reproduction: art, audiovisual culture and the implications of technological innovation, Philip Hayward

1988 Block 14 55-59.

Picture this: media representations of visual art and artists, Philip Hayward


Papers from 1987

Postmodernism - an introduction, Philip Hayward

1987 Screen 28:2 2-10.

Papers from 1984

Implosive critiques - a consideration of Jean Baudrillard's in the shadow of the silent majorities, Philip Hayward

1984 Screen 25:4-5 128-133.