Papers from 1993

Let's order treatment - not trouble: legal issues for implementing order entry, Geraldine Mackenzie

1993 Inaugural National Health Informatics Conference.

Criminal law, Geraldine Mackenzie and J Robertson

1993 The Queensland Annual Law Review 1992.

Papers from 1992

Does dietary change follow nutrition advice given at public cholesterol screening?, K Fardon, Eric van Beurden, R James, J Christian, and Lyndon O. Brooks

1992 Australian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics 49:4 117-121.

Advanced technologies and the role of critical theory, Philip Hayward

1992 Forum papers of Shift: Critical Strategies Conference 57-63.

From pop, to punk, to postmodernism: Australian popular music and culture from the 1960s to the 1990s, Philip Hayward


Sound commodities: copyright, sampling & cultural politics, Philip Hayward

1992 Media International Australia 64.

Criminal law, Geraldine Mackenzie and J Robertson

1992 The Queensland Annual Law Review 1991-1992.

Papers from 1991

Culture, logic and criticism, Philip Hayward

1991 Media Information Australia 61.

Culture technology and creativity: in the late twentieth century, Philip Hayward



Desire caught by its tale: the unlikely return of the merman in Madonna's Cherish, Philip Hayward

1991 Cultural Studies 5:1 98-106.

Case and comment - Tranby, Geraldine Mackenzie

1991 Criminal Law Journal 15 367-369.

Criminal law, Geraldine Mackenzie

1991 The Queensland Annual Law Review 1990-1991.

No collateral contract when purchaser fails to sign at auction, Geraldine Mackenzie

1991 Australian Property Law Bulletin 5 66-68.

Section 669A(2) Criminal Code: Appeal or abuse process?, Geraldine Mackenzie

1991 Queensland Law Society Journal 23 41-45.

Papers from 1990

How ABC capitalised on cultural logic, Philip Hayward

1990 The media reader.

Papers from 1989

Rhapsodies of difference, Philip Hayward

1989 Mediamatic 4:1/2 13-22.

Papers from 1988

Beyond reproduction: art, audiovisual culture and the implications of technological innovation, Philip Hayward

1988 Block 14 55-59.

Picture this: media representations of visual art and artists, Philip Hayward


Papers from 1987

Postmodernism - an introduction, Philip Hayward

1987 Screen 28:2 2-10.

Papers from 1984

Implosive critiques - a consideration of Jean Baudrillard's in the shadow of the silent majorities, Philip Hayward

1984 Screen 25:4-5 128-133.