I’m going to set you to boiling baby, script

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Creative work

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Baker, DJ 2013, 'I’m going to set you to boiling baby', script, Text: Journal of Writing and Writing Courses, special iss. 19.

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This work is a creative and Foucauldian-style ethical intervention into the author’s childhood memories. Specifically, it re-imagines a moment in the author’s youth when he first acknowledged his sexuality and gender difference. The script fuses nonfiction
and fiction methodologies to produce a dramatic narrative. The finished work is neither fact nor wholly imagined. The script was developed using an
interdisciplinary approach including factual research (evidence from author diaries and interviews with family members and such like) and fiction techniques such as
associative and stream-of-consciousness writing. In this way, a script was produced that adheres to the core components of the “true” story whilst refiguring others to
emphasise aspects of the author’s experience that were wholly internal and even nonverbal (associations, imaginings, latent feelings etc). The result is a work that
operates both as memoir and as an intervention into memory.

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