Bibere vinum suae regionis: why Whian Whian wine

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Costello, M & Evans, S 2013, 'Bibere vinum suae regionis: why Whian Whian wine', Locale, vol. 3, pp. 133-154.

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Bibere vinum suae regionis, to drink wine from one’s own region, attempts to match the neologism ‘locavore’, local eater, with one for wine. We compare drinking in two regions: the surrounds of Adelaide, South Australia, an area of international repute for wine-making, and the subtropical Northern Rivers, on the far north coast of New South Wales—not a diverse wine-growing area because of high rainfall and humidity that produce grape-destroying mildew/fungus, but bordering a number of ‘new’ wine areas. Issues under consideration include distribution and access, choice and cost. We also survey the reasons for consuming wine in particular, and consuming it locally, including sustaining economies, environments, societies, cultures and identities, and investigate the idea of the local per se.

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