Embedded gambling promotion in Australian football broadcasts: an exploratory study

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Milner, L, Hing, N Vitartas, P & Lamont, M 2013, 'Embedded gambling promotion in Australian football broadcasts: an exploratory study', Communication, Politics & Culture, vol. 46, no. 2, pp. 177-198.

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Governments, researchers and the public have raised concerns about extensive gambling promotions during televised sport, particularly in Australia. This study aims to quantify gambling promotions during selected football broadcasts and conduct a content and semiotic analysis of their components. Analysis reveals that gambling promotions constituted 2.5% of observed broadcast time. Embedded gambling promotions included logos, sponsored segments, displayed betting odds and extended betting commentary. Extensive plot placement potentially optimises promotions’ effectiveness, while their personal relevance, empathy, information and congruence align well with young male target audiences for football and sports betting. Implications for public health and sport management are noted.

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