Drawn to sound: animation film music and sonicity

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Coyle, R 2009, Drawn to sound: animation film music and sonicity, Equinox, London. ISBN: 1845533526


Animation films are widely consumed in the general population and the study of animation films has blossomed. But music and sound are often marginalized, despite the significance of soundtracks (music, voice talent and sound effects) for both the films and their marketing. Off the Pad unpacks elements used in sound and music tracks, contextualises them within the film and music industries, and profiles specific exemplars. Focusing largely on feature-length, widely-distributed films, the book highlights work and oeuvres from key centres of animation production, such as USA, Europe and Japan. Chapters by animation and music experts such as Daniel Goldmark, Paul Wells and Susan Buchan offer international perspectives on the history and aesthetics of music and sound in animation film. Chapters from authors in Japan, Australia, Denmark, Russia and Canada provide analyses of key locations of activity and significant contributors to the field in several international arenas. As the first of its kind, this anthology is an invaluable resource for students, teachers and researchers in film, animation, music and media studies. [book jacket]