Home & away: autoethnographic fragments of queer heterosexuality

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Nahrung, N 2013, 'Home & away: autoethnographic fragments of queer heterosexuality', Polari Journal, vol. 8.

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‘I believe that though my sexual orientation is straight, my ideological and political orientation towards sex is queer’ (Rambukkana 2004, p. 151).

This work explores non-normative, or queer, heterosexuality through the themes of home, belonging and identity. Employing an anti-normative approach to scholarly writing, it uses deconstructive graphic design techniques to present an autoethnographic account of lived experience together with critical analysis. Considering intersectional factors such as gender and race, this writing illustrates the tensions of simultaneously benefiting from heterosexual privilege whilst being marginalised by the conditional bounds of normative heterosexuality, revealing a liminal subject position within heteronormative discourses. Such liminality is reflected in the fragmented form and content of the work, which communicates a sense of dislocation from being enmeshed within both queer and straight discourses of desire. Engaging with heterosexuality as both identity and practice, this writing seeks to challenge understandings of heterosexuality as a unified field while considering the political potential of queer heterosexuality to destabilise and overflow the heterosexual/homosexual binary and help erode heterosexuality’s hegemonic position

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