There were always people here: a history of Yuraygir National Park

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Kijas, J 2009, There were always people here: a history of Yuraygir National Park, Department of Environment and Climate Change, Sydney, NSW. ISBN: 9781741228663

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This publication is the outcome of two DECC projects through which many people generously shared their stories. The first project was in 2006. Many thanks to Roy Bowling, Shirley Causley, Allen Johnson, Peter Morgan, Bill Niland, Joyce Plater, Marie Preston, Rosemary Waugh-Allcock and Clarrie and Shirley Winkler for their vivid memories of the pre- and post-national park landscape. Thanks to Ann Blackadder, Stewart Blackadder, Ian Brown, Sandy Murphy, Dave McCleary and Ken Teakle who took the time to be interviewed on the phone. Thanks to Ken Teakle for providing DECC with copies of his photographic history of Pebbly Beach, and to Barbara Knox for permission to use her interview carried out with Gina Hart. The second project was in 2007. Many thanks to Yaegl Elder Ron Heron and Yaegl Local Aboriginal Land Council Administrative Assistant Liz Mercy-Bushell for their support for the Yaegl post-contact history project, and to Senior Custodian Auntie Lillian Williams, Judith Breckenridge, Thelma Kapeen, Fox Laurie, Eileen McLeay, Glenda McPhail, Lester Mercy, Veronica Pearce, Michael Randall, Annabelle Roberts and Rosemarie Vesper for sharing their stories about their connection to Yaegl Country which is now in Yuraygir National Park.

Aboriginal readers are warned that this publication contains the names and images of some Aboriginal people who are deceased.