Weave, album launch, live performance

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Creative work

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Carriage, L, Jeans, P, Jeans, S, Russell, S, Tarr, C & Hooper, D 2016, Weave, album launch, live performance, The Ellington Club, Perth, Western Australia, 24 November.


A national tour to launch my recently recorded album of original compositions, Weave. The album is an integral component of the research I am currently conducting for a PhD in music composition, through the University of Sydney. The PhD applies a practice-based research model to an investigation of creativity in musical composition, recording and performance, which is

understood as the formation of meaning that becomes apparent through the act of performance. This research serves as a model for the musical pathways in composition, creative practice and studio composition. The research also brings a particular focus onto the collaborative interactions that occur spontaneously within ensemble performances. It serves to illustrate creativity within fundamental human interactions, such as collective brainstorming, real-time interactions of productive studio/rehearsal environments, online national compositional collaborations and international collaborations related to sound engineering, mixing and mastering. Live music performance and album celebration with acoustic bassist Pete Jeavons, guitarist Simon Jeans, pianist Steve Russell, drummer Christopher Tarr and saxophonist Dylan Hooper.

Duration: 120 minutes.

Program: Weave Album launch, all original compositions.