Weave, album launch, live performance

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Creative work

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Carriage, L, Cutlan, P, Undy, C, Russell, S, Morgan, C & Nelson, O 2016, Weave, album launch, live performance, 505 Club, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2 December.


The overall research findings from this National tour of 'the album Weave' serves as a model for the musical pathways in studio composition and live performance, by identifying and then organising into a usable model, the range of musician interactions that contribute to composing and performing ensemble music. Collaboration in music creation and performance is well documented in academic and music journalistic literature, but it does not account for all forms of significant musical interaction, being rather, a subset of the broader category that we may simply call interaction. The research interrogates differing ways in which interaction takes place and molds the recording, production and performance of a work. As a musician familiar with these ways, I am conscious of a number of interactions that, despite having significant affects on the final outcomes, remain largely unacknowledged – both within the literature on popular music creation, and importantly, among fellow musicians. In my PhD research I have proposed a model that I call the ‘Interaction Continuum’, which predicates that any interactions that contribute to a creative project may be ranked according to the significance of their input and placed on a continuum, wherein one end of the continuum is represented by formalised, prearranged, collaborative interaction, the other end by interactions that, although too vague to be designated as ‘collaboration’, nonetheless play roles of significance in the realisation of the project. In this sense then, each performance is arguably of a ‘new work’, which under the ERA guidelines constitutes a research outcome. Live music performance and album lunch with saxophonist Paul Cutlan, acoustic bassist Cameron Undy, pianist Steve Russell, guitarist Carl Morgan and drummer Oliver Nelson.

Duration: 120 minutes.

Program: Album launch ‘Weave’ all original compositions.