Untangling Lantana: a study of film sound production

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Book chapter

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Coyle, R 2005, 'Untangling Lantana: a study of film sound production', in R Coyle (ed), Reel tracks: Australian feature film music and cultural identities, John Libbey, Eastleigh, UK, pp.158-176. ISBN: 9780861966585


"Over the last decade popular cinema has employed a variety of forms of music. These include traditional composed screen music, pre-recorded music tracks, mixes of music and sound effects and various combinations of these. In response to this, film music scholars have developed new ways of understanding and analysing the role of film music in relation to genre, narrative and creative roles and inter-relations in film music scoring. 'Reel Tracks' provides a series of insightful analyses of recent mainstream Australian cinema. Following the editor's careful exploration of film music's relation to national cinema culture and identity, individual chapters offer stimulating and diverse accounts of music in films such as Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002), Lantana (2001), Chopper (2000) and Paradise Road (1997). The chapters in this volume also address broader themes such as the musical representation of sexuality in cinema and music's representation of regions, localities and ethnicity. Reel Tracks is an important contribution to both Australian film studies and the international understanding of the role of music in contemporary western cinema. This volume is targeted to both cinema studies readers and film music students, teachers and aficionados."