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Fell, F & de Córdoba, J 2018, 'Otherings', curation of art exhibition at the EASA Bienniel Conference 2018, Barcelona, Spain, 17-19 January.

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Over the last decade all conferences organised by the Australian Studies Centre at the University of Barcelona have been accompanied by an art exhibition based on the conference theme, and we aim to continue this tradition at the EASA 2018 event. A group of artists, selected and coordinated by Fiona Fell, Lecturer in Sculpture and Spatial Practices at Art & Design, School of Arts & Social Sciences, Southern Cross University, Australia, and Jaume de Còrdoba Benedicto, Lecturer in Drawing and Sculpture at the University of Barcelona´s Fine Art Faculty, will display their work in the Noble Passage (Passadis del Paranimf), which connects the Library, Noble Hall (Paranimf), and Aula Magna on the first floor of the University’s Historical Building in Plaça d´Universitat. We are confident the EASA 2018 conference theme, “Nationalism Old and New: Europe, Australia and Their Others”, will be inspiring and lead to contributions from a variety of art practices.