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Anderson, L, Cummings, R, Mendes, L & Mapatano, J 2018, 'Affirming inclusive communities: supporting identification as 'locals' by former refugees in regional nsw', New Community, vol. 16, no. 4, pp. 10-18.

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This article is a practice example exploring the scope and impact of ‘I’m a Local…’, an initiative developed in partnership between a regional Australian university, a resettlement community organisation, local organisations and businesses, and members of local refugee communities. The initiative included the development of resources which explored the process of former refugees in developing a sense of belonging and becoming ‘locals’, and sought to improve understandings about refugees, acknowledge their contributions to Australian society and affirm inclusivity in the local culture. This case study provides a positive example of an initiative which had significant local impact in affirming the self-recognition of belonging by former refugees, as well as raising awareness in the broader community about the stories and contributions of people from refugee backgrounds.

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