Trauma informed care

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Centre for Excellence in Therapeutic Care & Southern Cross University 2019, Trauma informed care, report prepared by K Gatwiri, L McPherson, N Cameron & N Parmenter, Australian Childhood Foundation, Melbourne, Vic.

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This research briefing aims to define and clarify what trauma, complex trauma and trauma informed care are. Extensive literature has now surmised that exposure to adverse experiences such as child abuse, neglect, abandonment, violence, deprivation of care and domestic violence has immediate and long term consequences for children and young people. As such policies and service providers need to adopt appropriate interventions that are aimed at noticing and healing trauma. Academic and practice based arguments continue to highlight the need for developing a consensus around the classification of different traumas and their implications to children and young people. As Wall, Higgins and Hunter (2016, pg. 1) state “any discussion of trauma-informed service delivery requires consideration of the vast array of definitions and terminology that arises around trauma”. This research briefing therefore, clarifies some of the various terms, phrases and concepts that are developing in literature to describe what trauma and traumainformed care is.