Case study 2: The Big Chill

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Carey, M & Hannan, MF 2003, 'Case study 2: The Big Chill', in I Inglis (ed.), Popular music and film, Wallflower, London, UK, pp. 162-177. ISBN: 190336471X


Introduction: Popular Music and Film / Ian Inglis -- 1. Score vs. Song: Art, Commerce, and the H Factor in Film and Television music / Robb Wright -- 2. Music and the Body in Dance Film / Lesley Vize -- 3. The Sting in the Tale / Phil Powrie -- 4. The Music is the Message: The Day Jimi Hendrix Burned his Guitar - Film, Musical Instrument, and Performance as Music Media / Anno Mungen -- 5. The Act You've Known for All These Years: Telling the Tale of The Beatles / Ian Inglis -- 6. The Sound of a New Film Form / Anahid Kassabian -- 7. Case Study 1: Sliding Doors and Topless Women Talk About Their Lives / Lauren Anderson -- 8. Ridiculous Infantile Acrobatics, or Why They Never Made Any Rock'n'roll Movies in Finland / Antti-Ville Karja -- 9. Constructing the Future Through Music of the Past: The Software in Hardware / K. J. Donnelly -- 10. 'Music Inspired By ...': The Curious Case of the Missing Soundtrack / Lee Barron -- 11. Case Study 2: The Big Chill / Melissa Carey and Michael Hannan -- 12. Triumphant Black Pop Divas on the Wide Screen: Lady Sings The Blues and Tina: What's Love Got To Do With It / Jaap Kooijman.