Peter Sculthorpe piano music, sound recording (CD)

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Hannan, MF 1982, Peter Sculthorpe piano music, sound recording (CD), Move Records, Melbourne, Vic.


Contains 30 years of Sculthorpe's compositions for piano, from the versatile miniature duets through to the charming 'Rose Bay Quadrilles' and the eclectic scraping sounds of 'Koto I and II'. Also includes 'Sonatina (1954)',' Night Pieces', 'Callabonna', 'Mountains', 'Dijilile', 'Nocturnal', 'Sea Chant', 'Left Bank Waltz' and 'Landscape'. With exemplary performances by The Team of Pianists, Michael Hannan and Sculthorpe himself. Press quotes: “Here we have what must be considered the definitive recording of Sculthorpe's piano music ... It belongs on the shelves of all those who have an interest in Australian music and what this country has done culturally.” — The Age - Green Guide