On impulse, sound recording (CD)

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Creative work

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Carriage, L 2005, On impulse, sound recording (CD), 58 mins. duration, distributed by CD Baby.

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Research Background: Standard practice for contemporary vocal performance in a Jazz / improvisational context is to work with a rhythm section comprising drums, bass, guitar and or piano (keyboards). Often these live performances, even with a solid foundation in vocal pedagogy, can be very taxing to the vocal mechanism, causing strain and injury. Working without a drummer largely solves this problem, but introduces other difficulties regarding maintaining rhythmical energy. Research was undertaken in the areas of composition, new interpretations and arrangements of existing works (including a broad literature search for supporting works), personal technical development, and development of rhythm section strategies. Research Contribution: On Impulse comprises ten tracks, three of them original compositions, that set new benchmarks for the discipline through improvisation, impromptu interplay and interconnection within live musical performance, and arranging strategies for rhythm sections in the absence of a drummer. This live recording also serves to further inform aspects of interpretive narrative perspectives and repertoire selection. Research Significance: This research is significant because it produced a high quality recording of original material and innovative reinterpretations of pre-existing songs, that clearly addresses the ‘drummer-less band’ issue. Its value is attested to by the invitations to perform these works at leading festivals: Melbourne International Women’s Jazz Festival 2006, North Coast Jazz Festival 2006 and the Brisbane Jazz Festival 2008.