Anthem, sound recording (CD)

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Carriage, L 2004, 'Anthem', Fatherhood, sound recording (CD), Rawmix, Federal, NSW.


"Fatherhood" is a musical celebration of fatherhood - having and being a father. It’s a mix of songs by well known artists, such as Paul Kelly and Archie Roach and newly unearthed talent. Contents: Little one / Neil Murray -- Ngura Watipilpa/ Frank Yamma -- You to me to mine / Steve Davies -- Splendid lie /Tex Perkins -- As little chief / Mike Rudd -- Spring / John Butler -- Madeleine's song / Paul Kelly -- Rage / Colin George -- Fathers clamness / Tidas -- Father's day / Mick Thomas -- Don't cry / Shane Howard -- The day you were born /Kutcha Edwards -- First born / Karl Farren -- Beautiful child / Archie Roach -- Sins of the son / Soulman -- Dear father / Lez Beckett -- Anthem / Leigh Carriage -- My father / People in the park -- My dad said / Mike Rudd. "Totally glorious, original, strikingly different, these songs tap into a vein of male creativity that has long been hidden. Each artist leaves you wanting more, and feeling that the music you've been hearing on the radio is just so much McDonaldized pap." Steve Biddulph author raising boys and manhood