Text and tech: coupling in cyberspace

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Weight, J, Costello, M & Paasuke, P 2001, 'Text and tech: coupling in cyberspace', Text, vol. 5, no. 1.

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In response to the need to improve access to tertiary education, universities are increasingly implementing online delivery solutions. To this end the University of South Australia (UniSA) has developed UniSAnet, which aims to 'bring the benefits of asynchronous learning networks to as many students as possible' (Reid, 1999). UniSAnet has established a mass customisation delivery system. This paper discusses how an editorial team with 'content-oriented backgrounds' and 'tech know-how' (Montgomery, 1997) is able to add value in the dynamic and collaborative space of resource development, part of a 'service area' where the roles and functions of 'production and teaching support and student support services' are converging (Nunan et al, 2000). We provide examples of value-adding to online courses and discuss how text and tech are successfully reconciled in cyberspace.

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