The book of night, novel

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Creative work

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Brooks, KR 2003, The book of night, novel, Lothian, South Melbourne, Vic. ISBN: 073440509X


The Book of Night

Ten long months have passed since Caz last went to Morphea and much has happened. Her father, Gus, is mentally deteriorating and Dr Proteus, aided by Aunt Katarina, has made himself an unwelcome presence in the Klein house. Trying to put aside her worries, Caz determines to celebrate Halloween with her friend Simon.

Just as she is ready to go trick or treating, Proteus gives Caz an ultimatum: give him her magical necklace or he’ll destroy Gus’ mind once and for all. Left with no choice, Caz prepares to surrender her jewellery when, who should appear and foil Proteus' plans, but the Harpy, Rapture.

Sent by the combined powers of The Gathering, Rapture is there to bring both Caz and Simon back to Morphea. Caz and her necklace are needed there. Not only does Hecate possess both parts of the Charm of Dissolution, she has stolen The Book of Night from the Wizards of Nyx and intends to use the Charm to destroy it. If she succeeds, history will unravel and Proteus will be able to return to Morphea.

And so, Caz embarks on a dangerous quest to find Hecate and retrieve The Book of Night.

Travelling across sun-parched deserts, through gloomy, unpredictable forests and across crackling glaciers, Caz makes new friends and encounters many enemies.

Meantime, in Atlantis, Caz's mother, Cassandra, is busy fighting her own battles. In trying to find out what was keeping Atlantis submerged, the Adroit has uncovered a terrible secret.

And all the while, against the background of Halloween, Proteus is preparing to destroy the Kleins once and for all. Learning that the necklace has been left behind in Doldreada, a race ensues to see who will find it first – Gus or Proteus? Unaware of the significance of the necklace she's found and now wearing, Simon’s cousin, the little Jonquil, trots around the neighbourhood with Caz’s twin Aunts, Magda and Marta, trick and treating, ignorant of just who is pursuing her or why. For, whoever finds the necklace will seal the fate of not just Morphea, but Doldreada too.

But no-one could have foreseen the tragedy about to unfold nor how complete Proteus' triumph will be…