EVENTual BodieSpaces

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Fell, FV 2006, 'EVENTual BodieSpaces', Interpreting Ceramics, vol. 8.

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EVENTual BodieSpaces is a series of works and related papers that focuses on the reciprocal relationship between the performative body in and around an affective space (fig. 1). Research for this paper comes from my master’s thesis completed in 2000 which was accompanied by an installation of porcelain figurines in a structural environment. This research also includes discussion into recent projects and investigations of fragmentation of the figure. Throughout this paper I employ the term ‘body’ as a reference to pluralistic bodies, which integrate both corporeal and metaphysical. I ask the questions, ‘What happens to meaning when the body is fragmented or modified by architectural elements and structural devices?’ and ‘How is the fictive body formed through fragmentation?’

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