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Creative work

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Bracker, M 2006, Sweep, installation (performance art).


ARTIST STATEMENT The museological space was used as a stage for conceptual, visual and corporeal collisions in order to interrogate relations between strangeness and intimacy. Using quotidian ‘found’ objects and images, ‘reception practices’ were re-imaged as ‘engagement’ practices through a number of specific strategies. Firstly by inviting potential audience members to ‘donate’ objects, secondly, through the use of everyday forms; thirdly through an easily recognized & historically located, graphic style; and lastly through accessible text like the title of the work. The apparent certainties evoked by the familiarity of these elements, was investigated through processes of re-contexualisation and aestheticization.

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Performance art installation in Quotidian, curated by Gail McDermott, Tweed Regional Gallery, Murwillumbah, NSW, April 24 - June 4