Studying for social work

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Costello. M 2011, 'Why study writing at uni?', Northerly, January-February, p. 7.


This essential guide to study skills takes social work students through every step of their degree journey, providing them with the academic tools they will need to thrive along the way. Inventively informed by the insights and reflections of qualifying students, the book offers effective guidance that is grounded in real experience of the social work degree. It is particularly suited to those in their early years of study and supports students as 'social workers in the making'. The book covers a comprehensive range of the core study skills, including: -Time management -Literature searches -Engaging with research -Responding to new styles of social work learning and teaching -Critical thinking -Academic writing and -Presentations With reflective questions, handy practical tips and links to helpful websites, this accessible handbook is the perfect study companion for every student on the path to professional qualification.