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Lane, L 2007, ...down river..., exhibition, Grafton Regional Gallery, Grafton, NSW, 26 September - 28 October, 2007.

There is a link here to Leonie's site with images from ...down river....

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Research Background: In the tradition of Australian image making, the perception of identity is amplified in the depiction of the figure in the landscape, offering a real and idealized account of country. This creative investigation recognizes the significance of figurative landscape painting as a genre, but reverses the compositional strategy. Here the landscape is inscribed into and grows out of the figure, representing an innovative narrative form linking culture and geography.

Research Contribution: The digital prints featured in the body of works, …down river…, contain silhouettes of objects or characters that contain narratives as experienced and retold. These narratives frame early childhood experiences of learning through river connections, generational influence, custodianship, environmental challenges and serendipitous moments that suggest an evolving sense of belonging. These issues are critical concepts in Australia in the early millennial period.

Research Significance: The work presents a strategy for understanding the complexities of depicting landscape and identity. The work’s significance is indicated by: 1). Its acquisition for collections by the Tweed and Grafton Regional Galleries 2). Representation of the work in the UK critic Richard Noyce’s book Printmaking at the Edge (2006, London: A & C. Black). 3). Inclusion in several peer-reviewed group shows, including ‘Australia Unframed: works on paper’; IMPACT VI, University of Western England, Bristol September 2009; and Convictions: SCU staff at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China: September 2007.

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