Indigenous pedagogy as a force for change

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Biermann, S & Townsend-Cross, M 2008, 'Indigenous pedagogy as a force for change', Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, vol. 37S, pp. 146-154.

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IndIgenous academics over the past decade and a half have been focusing strongly, in terms of theory development, on Indigenous' epistemologies and research methodologies. What has not been given equal academic attention is the theoretical articulation of Indigenous pedagogy, not only as a valid system of knowledge and skill transfer, but also as one that conveys meaning, values and identity. In this paper, we want to explore some of the. practical aspects of Indigenous pedagogy in a tertiary setting by way of a student-teacher dialogue and also discuss the wider implications of a theoreticaL articulation from ol1r perspective as researchers and academics. We argue that at the intersection of the discourses on transformative pedagogy and Indigenous education in Australia lays an unexplored concept which, properly articulated and implemented, could have great benefits for all learners. Having been afforded attention elsewhere, particularly in North America, it is time to discuss Indigenous pedagogy as a teaching m.ethodology based on Indigenous values and philosophies in Australia today.

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