Monstrous fairytales: towards an Écriture Queer

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Baker, DJ 2010, 'Monstrous fairytales: towards an Écriture Queer', Colloquy: Text Theory Critique , vol. 20, pp. 79-103.

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Dallas Baker also publishes under the name Dallas Angguish

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The article discusses fairytale fiction in relation to the creative writing strategies of queer writers. It studies the fairytale plots and endings which usually involve the demise of the Monstrous Queer, where the protagonist wins and the antagonist is punished. It argues that fairytales should be a correct representation of one's self and of society's norm. The emergence of Queer rewritings such as William Holden's "A Twist of Grim: Erotic Fairytales for Gay Men" are mentioned.