Mandarin Skyline, sound recording (CD)

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Creative work

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Carriage, L 2013, Mandarin Skyline, sound recording, Vitamin Records, Mullumbimby, NSW.

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This recording of ten original music compositions represents an investigation of creativity in musical composition, recording and performance, which is understood as the formation of meaning that becomes apparent through the act of performance. This research serves as a model for the pathways in composition, creative practice and studio composition.

The recording also reflects a focus on creative practice, in particular the collaborative interactions that occur spontaneously within ensemble performances. This practice-led research serves to illustrate creativity within fundamental human interactions, such as collective brainstorming, real-time interactions of productive studio/rehearsal environments, online national compositional collaborations and international collaborations related to engineering mixing and mastering.

The research interrogates differing ways in which collaboration takes place and molds the recording and production of a work. These collaborations, in effect a group of case studies, range from dyadic interactions through to work involving up to nine participants, from partly improvised pieces to entirely notated work.

Mandarin Skyline contributes to the body of contemporary music with a high quality recording of original compositions and several collaborations with leading composers. This has established new benchmarks for the discipline through creative strategies for collaborative composing, improvisation, impromptu interplay and interconnection within live musical performance.

This research is significant because it practically demonstrates innovative methods of researching creative practice and collaboration in contemporary composition, and directly informs my current research. It serves to augment the ongoing research in practice–led–research and its value is attested via invitations to perform these works at leading venues and festivals.

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LEIGH CARRIAGE, one of Australia’s leading contemporary jazz vocalists, teams up with a powerhouse line-up of Jonathan Zwartz (Bass), Matt Smith (Guitar), Steve Russell (Piano), Matt McMahon (Piano) , Phil Slater (Trumpet), Sam Keevers (Piano) and Hamish Stuart (Drums) for her vibrant new album of original songs.

Review of Mandarin Skyline by J M McBeath available online at:


McBeath, J 2013, 'Mandarin Skyline (Leigh Carriage)', The Australian, 3 August.

An International Review of this work by Ian Patterson (All About Jazz) can be found at: http://www.allaboutjazz.com/leigh-carriage-get-out-of-town-mandarin-skyline-by-ian-patterson.php#.VHZeH759uYo