Get Out Of Town, sound recording (CD)

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Carriage, L 2012, Get Out Of Town, sound recording (CD), Vitamin Records, Mullumbimby, NSW.

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It is standard practice for contemporary vocal performance in a Jazz and improvisational context to explore the area of rearranging and reinterpreting of key pieces so that they remain in the repertoire as well as add to the core repertory. Get Out Of Town contributes to current research comprises nine tracks, arranged for rhythm section.

The research was undertaken in the areas of arranging, scoring new interpretations and arrangements of existing works, including a broad literature search and transcriptions of music for supporting works. The artwork also features within the reseach context as the album is designed by myself in collaboration with a graphic artist, reflecting the influence of Rosalie Gascoigne’s work on my music from a very young age.

This recording of my arrangements also serves to further address, the paucity of Australian female composers and arrangers in this genre thereby contributing to Australian cultural identity, the work contributes by creating a platform whereby the albums success and critical acclaim, acts as a scaffolding mechanism for fostering innovative future collaborations via an extended network.

This research is significant because it has produced a high quality recording that serves to reinvigorate and add to the core repertory of modern Jazz standards. Examples such as Keith Jarrett’s Standards album and Sonny Rollins comment that ‘jazz and standards are forever locked in loving embrace’ (Gioia, 2012) support this. The work also serves to augment the ongoing research in collaborative practice–led–research. Its value is attested to by the invitations to perform these works at leading venues and festivals: Brisbane Jazz Festival, Venue 505 Sydney and Brisbane Jazz Club.

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Recorded at Studio 301 Sydney early in 2012, with Brendan Clarke, Matt Smith, Steve Russell and Hamish Stuart.

An International Review of this work by Ian Patterson (All About Jazz) can be found at: http://www.allaboutjazz.com/leigh-carriage-get-out-of-town-mandarin-skyline-by-ian-patterson.php#.VHZeH759uYo