Papers from 2006

Simon Robb: the Hulk, Moya Costello

2006 API Review of Books.

She comes from text, Moya Costello and Sue Rodwell

2006 Etchings:1.


Ether to 01: digitising radio, Rebecca Coyle

2006 Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies 12:2 123-127.


Radio Norfolk: community and communication on Norfolk Island, Rebecca Coyle

2006 2nd International Small Island Cultures Conference 36-45.


A preventative approach to plagiarism: an empirical study of a first-year unit for undergraduates, Sandy Darab

2006 International Journal for Educational Integrity 2:2.


EVENTual BodieSpaces, Fiona V. Fell

2006 Interpreting Ceramics 8.


Graft, exhibition, Fiona V. Fell



The locals: a critical survey of the idea in recent Australian scholarly writing, Robert George Garbutt

2006 Australian Folklore 21 172-192.


White “Autochthony”, Robert George Garbutt

2006 Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Journal 2:1.


Alchemical pianism: Michael Hannan listens to Lisa Moore play in Byron Bay, Michael Francis Hannan

2006 RealTime 73.


Carolan (Peter Carolan), Michael Francis Hannan

2006 Music Forum 12:4.


Contemporary music student expectations of musicianship training needs, Michael Francis Hannan

2006 International Journal of Music Education 24:2 148-158.


Flame, Michael Francis Hannan

2006 Origin Music Group.


Guerrillas in the mix (Freak Radicals), Michael Francis Hannan

2006 Music Forum 12:3.


ICON (Continuum Sax), Michael Francis Hannan

2006 Music Forum 12:3.


Intermedia collaboration for The Flood, Michael Francis Hannan

2006 Contemporary Music Review 25:4 327-339.


Interrogating comprovisation as practice-led research, Michael Francis Hannan

2006 Speculation and innovation : applying practice led research in the creative industries.


Libertango: The music of Astor Piazzolla, Michael Francis Hannan

2006 Music Forum 12:1.

Look both ways (dir. Sarah Watts), Michael Francis Hannan

2006 Music Forum 12:4.


Making music: inside/outside, Michael Francis Hannan

2006 RealTime 74.


Musica Viva: 60th anniversary selected commissions 1975-2004, Michael Francis Hannan

2006 Music Forum 12:1.

Music making in Nimbin: a short history, Michael Francis Hannan

2006 The Nimbin Magazine August -September.


Out of the blue (TSO; Music by Nigel Westlake), Michael Francis Hannan

2006 Music Forum 12:2 70-71.


The classic 100 piano, Michael Francis Hannan

2006 Music Forum 12:1 70-71.


Tracy Redhead, Michael Francis Hannan

2006 Music Forum 12:2.


Unlikely places (Raw Honey), Michael Francis Hannan

2006 Music Forum 12:2.

Brutus maximus, essay, Lynda Hawryluk

2006 Collected thoughts of our time, volume one.

Sleeping beauty, short story, Lynda Hawryluk

2006 Fractured fairytales.

Sydney is so much more than Bondi, poetry, Lynda Hawryluk

2006 Sun and Sleet.

The city suite, essay and short stories, Lynda Hawryluk

2006 Esophy.


Social work students’ attitudes towards and interest in working with older people: an exploratory study, Karen Heycox and Mark Hughes

2006 Advances in Social Work and Welfare Education 8:1 6-14.

'See hear now': reflections on a multi-arts performance festival, Matthew Hill

2006 Medi(t)ations: Computers/Music/Intermedia Australasian Computer Music Conference.

Imagined futures and communities: older lesbian and gay people’s narratives on health and aged care, Mark Hughes

2006 Diversity in ageing: 39th Australian Association of Gerontology Conference.


Queer ageing, Mark Hughes

2006 Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review 2:2 54-59.


Knowledge and interest in ageing: a study of final-year social work students, Mark Hughes and Karen Heycox

2006 Australasian Journal on Ageing 25:2 94-96.


The response of general practitioners to the threat of violence in their practices: results from a qualitative study, Parker Magin, Jon Adams, Malcolm Ireland, Elyssa Joy, Susan Heaney, and Sandy Darab

2006 Family Medicine 23:3 273-278.

Swimming across the currents: the role of the jazz concerto in the development of third stream music and its relevance to contemporary music, Annie Mitchell

2006 33rd annual conference International Association for Jazz Education (IAJE).

Social work and social care practice, Ian O'Connor, Mark Hughes, Danielle Turney, Jill Wilson, and Deborah Setterlund


Live drawing, artwork (drawing), Kellie O'Dempsey


Activating human rights through questions of value and activism, Baden Offord

2006 Activating human rights.

Gay nationalism: book review of Tom Boellstorff 'The Gay Archipelago: Sexuality and Nation in Indonesia', Baden Offord

2006 Inside Indonesia 86:April - June.

Landscapes of exile: once perilous, now safe, Baden Offord

2006 Landscapes of Exile Conference.

Introduction in 'Activating human rights', Baden Offord and Elisabeth J. Porter

2006 Activating human rights.

Activating human rights, Elisabeth J. Porter and Baden Offord


Disciplinary diaspora or goldrush? tracking scholarly migration to internet studies and research, Denise N. Rall

2006 Internet Researcher 7.0: Internet Convergences.


The 'house that Dick built': constructing the team that built the bomb., Denise N. Rall

2006 Social Studies of Science 36:6 943-957.

"Earth to Google!": exploring geographic information systems (GIS) in relation to internet-based research tools, Denise N. Rall and Greg O. Luker

2006 Internet Research 7.0: Internet Convergences.

Submission to the NSW Department of Community Services Review of the NSW Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act, Elizabeth Reimer

2006 NSW Family Services, Inc., Sydney, NSW.

The impact of security privatisation on humanitarian aid, Jean S. Renouf

2006 Humanitaires en Mouvement 14.

Ecologies of care: belonging in Un/Australia, Kim M. Satchell

2006 Proceedings of Unaustralia: The Cultural Studies Association of Australasia’s Annual Conference.

Booralee: the lost fishing village of Botany, John Smith

2006 Once perilous now safe: Landscapes of Exile third symposium.


Bodies in translation: french feminist influences on anglophone feminist theory, Elizabeth Stephens

2006 Australian Feminist Studies 21:49 99-103.

Corporeographies: the dancing body in 'adame Miroir and Un chant d'amour, Elizabeth Stephens

2006 Jean Genet: performance and politics 159-168.


Cultural fixions of the freak body: Coney Island and the postmodern sideshow, Elizabeth Stephens

2006 Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies 20:4 485-498.

Toward a broad understanding of musical interpretation, Paul Thom

2006 Revue Internationale De Philosophie 60:238 437-452.

Compassionate coercion as a policy model: reflections on practical reconciliation and mutual obligation for Indigenous living conditions, Lester J. Thompson

2006 Social Change in the Twenty-First Century Conference.


‘Politics have replaced justice’ (Major Michael Mori, July 2006): the long imprisonment of David Hicks, Rosemary Webb

2006 Civil Liberties Seminar.


Reading religion and consuming the past in the feast of Guadalupe, Adele Wessell and Andrew Jones

2006 Anthropology of Food 5 May.

Papers from 2005


Lord Alice, short story, Dallas Angguish

2005 Lodestar Quarterly 13.

Championing change with families where child neglect is an issue, M Berry and Elizabeth Reimer

2005 NSW Family Services National Conference.

Screening temporalities in searching times, Maree Bracker

2005 What is contemporary now?: current issues in visual culture.

Mihkwâkamiwi sîpîsis: stories and pictures from Metis Elders in Fort McKay, Craig Campbell, Alice Boucher, Mike Evans, Emma Faichney, Howard LaCorde, and Zachary Powder



On impulse, sound recording (CD), Leigh Carriage

2005 .

The Waifs and The Be Good Tanyas : two emerging contemporary folk trios trading parallel careers, Leigh Carriage

2005 Post- colonial Distances : the study of popular music in Canada and Australia : International Association for the Study of Popular Music Canada Conference.

Australia and Asia: refugee practices and policies, Jo Coghlan

2005 Seeking refuge: asylum seekers and politics in a globalising world.

In their voices: experiences of Australia's mandatory detention policies, Jo Coghlan

2005 Seeking refuge: asylum seekers and politics in a globalising world.

Seeking refuge: asylum seekers and politics in a globalising world, Jo Coghlan, John Minns, and Andrew Wells



Regionality and new media art, Grayson Cooke and Dea Morgain

2005 Transformations:12.


'Irrigorous uncertainties': writing, politics and pedagogy, Moya Costello

2005 Text 9:1.


She comes from text, exhibition, Moya Costello

2005 Libre livre: artist's books and sculpural book objects exhibition, The Barr Smith Library, The University of Adelaide, 22 July to 6 August, North Terrace, Adelaide, SA.

Introduction: film, music mnemonics: Australian cinema scores in the 1990s and 2000s, Rebecca Coyle

2005 Reel tracks: Australian feature film music and cultural identities 1-18.

Nashville and back: country music and film representation in Doing Time for Patsy Kline, Rebecca Coyle

2005 Australian country music: Australian Institute of Country Music Conference, September 2005 3.

Reel tracks: Australian feature film music and cultural identities, Rebecca Coyle


Untangling Lantana: a study of film sound production, Rebecca Coyle

2005 Reel tracks: Australian feature film music and cultural identities 158-176.

Marking time in the Barry McKenzie films' music, Rebecca Coyle and Michael Francis Hannan

2005 Screening the Past: Popular Music and Film 18:18.

Assessing the communications and take up of academic values, codes and conventions: an empirical study of a first-year unit for undergraduates, Sandy Darab

2005 Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Educational Integrity Conference 2005.

Curriculum developement with the context of blended learning environments, Sandy Darab and Jill Phillips

2005 Proceedings of OLT-2005 Conference: Beyond Delivery.


Identity and development: Tongan culture, agriculture, and the perenniality of the gift (review), Mike Evans

2005 The Contemporary Pacific 17:2 499-501.


Tongans overseas: between two shores: Book review, Mike Evans

2005 American Ethnologist 32:2 2021-2022.


Whale-watching and the compromise of Tongan interests through tourism, Mike Evans

2005 1st International Small Island Cultures Conference 49-54.

Troy Cassar-Daley and the sensitive touch, Jon Fitzgerald

2005 Markets and margins 3 93-114.


Local order, Robert George Garbutt

2005 M/C Journal 7:6.

Gemeinschaft and the trauma recovery environment : a naturalistic inquiry in a rural Australian community, Jean A. Griffiths

2005 PhD thesis, Flinders University, Adelaide, SA.


Advance Australia Fair (The Australian National Anthem), Michael Francis Hannan

2005 Music Forum 11:4.


Beggars and angels (Works by Brett Dean), Michael Francis Hannan

2005 Music Forum 11:4 78-79.


Catch (Music by Mary Finsterer), Michael Francis Hannan

2005 Music Forum 11:4 68-69.


Hearing place: sound art exploring place from around the world (various artists), Michael Francis Hannan

2005 Music Forum 11:2.

Musical intertexuality in 'The Bank', Michael Francis Hannan

2005 Reel tracks : Australian feature film music and cultural identities.


Paul Doornbusch- corrosion: music for instruments, computers and electronics, Michael Francis Hannan

2005 Music Forum 11:1 77-78.


Peter Sculthorpe- Songs of sea and sky (The Queensland Orchestra), Michael Francis Hannan

2005 Music Forum 11:1.


Rabid Bay (Michael Kieran Harvey), Michael Francis Hannan

2005 Music Forum 11:3.


Red earth (Tall Poppies Ensemble), Michael Francis Hannan

2005 Music Forum 11:2.

The auditory cultures reader (Michael Bull and Les Black), Michael Francis Hannan

2005 Media International Australia Incorporating Culture and Policy (MIACP) 115 137-138.

Towards the development of a curriculum for contemporary musicianship, Michael Francis Hannan

2005 Reviewing the Future: XXVIIth Annual Conference Australian Association for Research in Music Education (AARME).


White ghost dancing (Works by Ross Edwards), Michael Francis Hannan

2005 Music Forum 11:3.


In bed with the enemy: some ideas on the connections between neoliberalism and the welfare state, Yvonne A. Hartman

2005 Current Sociology 53:1 57-73.

Observation and reflective learning in aged care settings, Karen Heycox and Mark Hughes

2005 18th World Congress on Gerontology.

What influences student attitudes toward older people?, Karen Heycox and Mark Hughes

2005 Challenges and responses of social work: toward a new Asia-Pacific paradigm: 18th Asia-Pacific Social Work Conference.


Breaking down the breakdown: the use of timbres in contemporary dance music sub-genres, Barry J. Hill Dr

2005 Generate + Test: Proceedings of the Australasian Computer Music Conference 2005 75-84.

Conserving emergent technologies: analysis and application of compositional methodologies at the intersection, Matthew Hill

2005 Speculation and innovation: New Perspectives in Practice-led Research in the Arts, Media and Design Conference.