Papers from 2012

Poetic interventions, Kim M. Satchell

2012 Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival 2012.

Regaining consciousness: a field guide, Kim M. Satchell


Rereading the country ontopoetic ethics for nomadic thought, Kim M. Satchell

2012 CSAA Conference: materialities: economies, empiricism, & things.


Sing me Byron Bay, Kim M. Satchell

2012 Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 26:2 249-259.

Surfing and ecology: in conversation, Kim M. Satchell

2012 Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival 2012.

The poetics of abundance, Kim M. Satchell

2012 Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival 2012.

Writing surfing, Kim M. Satchell

2012 Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival 2012.

Harry Potter and the house-elf rebellion, Jessica Seymour

2012 Write4Children: The International Journal for the Practice and Theories of Writing for Children and Children’s Literature 3:2 28-39.

Clockwork, corsets and fabricated beasties: women and identity in YA steampunk, Jessica L. Seymour

2012 Encounters: place, situation, context: 17th Annual Conference of AAWP (Australasian Association of Writing Programs).

The ethics of ethics: researching forgotten Australians, Gregory P. Smith

2012 The Australian Sociological Association Annual Conference 2012.


Aboriginal organizational response to the need for culturally appropriate services in three small Canadian cities, Dixon Sookraj, Peter Hutchinson, Mike Evans, and Mary Ann Murphy

2012 Journal of Social Work 12:2 136-157.


Anatomical imag(inari)es: the cultural impact of medical imaging technologies, Elizabeth Stephens

2012 Somatechnics 2:2 159-170.

Geeks and gaffs: the queer legacy of the 1950s American freak show, Elizabeth Stephens

2012 Queer 1950s : rethinking sexuality in the postwar years 183-195.

Heterosexuality: an unfettered capacity for degeneracy, Elizabeth Stephens

2012 A cultural history of sexuality in the age of empire 27-42.


Sensation machine: film, phenomenology and the training of the senses, Elizabeth Stephens

2012 Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies 26:4 529-539.


The bad homosexual: Genet's perverse homo-politics, Elizabeth Stephens

2012 Sexualities: studies in culture and society 15:1 28-41.

The queer space of the freak show, Elizabeth Stephens

2012 Queer and subjugated knowledges: generating subversive imaginaries 48-55.

Narratives of Australia: compassion or brutality for those who need help, Lester J. Thompson

2012 New Community Quarterly 10:2.

Exploring indigenous social attitudes and priorities in Australia, Lester J. Thompson, Bronwyn Fredericks, David Wadley, Clive Bean, and Maggie Walter

2012 Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues 15:1.

Dirtgirlworld: corporate social responsibility and ethical consumption in the world of children's television programming, Sue Ward

2012 Media International Australia, Incorporating Culture & Policy 145 29-38.

Fractured motherhood: the insanity of reproduction in Australia in the 1930s, Alison Watts

2012 Moms gone mad: motherhood and madness, oppression and resistance 64-78.


Having our cake and eating it too: a reading of royal wedding cakes, Adele Wessell

2012 Australasian Journal of Popular Culture 2:1 47-56.

Papers from 2011


A good bloke, short story, Dallas Angguish

2011 Polari Journal: transVerse special issue.

America divine: travels in the hidden south, Dallas Angguish


Cherry blossom bicycle crazy, Dallas Angguish

2011 When you're a boy other boys check you out 6-17.


Creative and critical reflexivity: queer writing as an ethics of the self, Dallas J. Baker

2011 Ethical imaginations: writing worlds - ethical concerns and their implications in literature and writing: Australasian Association of Writing Programs' 16th Annual Conference.


Inscribing the queer: review of Elizabeth Stephens 'Queer writing: homoeroticism in Jean Genet's fiction', Dallas J. Baker

2011 Text 15:2.

Queering practice-led research: subjectivity, creative practice and performative research, Dallas J. Baker

2011 A scholarly affair: Cultural Studies Association of Australasia National Conference, 2010 17-28.


Queering practice-led research: subjectivity, creative practice and performative research and the creative arts, Dallas J. Baker

2011 Creative Industries Journal 4:1 111-116.

Studying for social work, Eileen Baldry, Mark Hughes, Linda Burnett, and Ian Collinson


Knowledge, power and decolonization: implication for non-indigenous scholars, researchers and educators, Soenke Biermann

2011 Indigenous philosophies and critical education: a reader 386-398.


Review of 'Higher education and social justice', by A Furlong & F Cartmel, Society for Research into Higher Education and Open University Press, Maidenhead, 2009. ISBN: 9780335223626, Soenke Biermann

2011 The Australian Educational Researcher 38:1 125-127.


Facilitiating ‘storied relationships to a place’: the capacity of the university to lead communities towards resilience through creative arts activities, Donna Lee Brien and Lynda Hawryluk

2011 Text 12.

Chamber music recital, Judith, Stuart & Friends, (March), live performance, J Brown and Matthew Marshall


Chamber music recital, Judith, Stuart & Friends (September), live performance, J Brown and Matthew Marshall



Repercussions of uniqueness for the 21st century vocalist, Leigh Carriage

2011 Promoting excellence in music education: 8th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Music Education Research (APSMER).


Tahitian choreo-musical performance on cruise ships: staged authenticity and postmodern tourism, David Cashman

2011 Refereed papers from The 7th International Small Island Cultures Conference 20-27.


Using communications theory to explore emergent organisation in Pagan culture, Angela Coco

2011 Australian Religion Studies Review 24:2 150-174.

The criminalisation of asylum seekers, Jo Coghlan

2011 Alternative Law Journal 36:2 119-120.

Western media and Indonesian politics: gender, religion and democracy: how the western media report Indonesian politics, Jo Coghlan



Freedom to lead: narrative and advocacy among Burmese women refugees on the Thai/Burma border, Janie Conway-Herron

2011 Text : Journal of Writing and Writing Courses 12:Special issue.


What is happening is real, Janie Conway-Herron

2011 Coolabah 5 102-111.


White Australia's black history: writing Australian cultural sensitivities, Janie Conway-Herron

2011 The ethical imaginations: writing worlds papers: the refereed proceedings of the 16th Annual Conference of the Australasian Association of Writing Programs 1-9.


Ethical imaginations: writing worlds papers: the refereed proceedings of the 16th conference of the Australasian Association of Writing Programs 2011, Byron, Bay, NSW, Janie P. Conway-Herron, Moya C. Costello, and Lynda Hawryluk



Liveness and the machine: improvisation in live audio-visual performance, Grayson Cooke

2011 Screen Sound 2 9-26.


Outback and beyond: a live Australian western, video recording, Mike Cooper and Grayson Cooke

2011 .

Ashley Taylor Studio 1983, exhibition, Moya Costello


Why study writing at uni?, Moya Costello

2011 Northerly January-February.


Musical modernism in Brian May's Australian film scores, Rebecca Coyle and Michael Francis Hannan

2011 Screening the Past 32.

The voice in which it is told: the importance of the human voice in life stories and folktales, Iris Curteis

2011 International Journal of the Arts in Society 5:5 237-252.


Psychic wounds and the social structure: an empirical investigation, Sandy Darab and Yvonne A. Hartman

2011 Current Sociology 59:6 787-804.


Environmental silence and its renditions in a movie soundtrack, Isabelle Delmotte

2011 Australasian Journal of Ecocriticism and Cultural Ecology 1 58-67.

Innovative networks in Vanuatu: tourism and cultural industries, Thomas Dick, Ben Farr-Wharton, and Kerry A. Brown

2011 Refereed papers from the 7th International Small Islands Conference.

Metis of British Columbia: culture, tradition and the contemporary community, website, Mike Evans


Ceramics in collaboration: ceramics, plastic and digital media, Fiona V. Fell

2011 Craft Australia.


Just act natural, Fiona V. Fell

2011 Watters Gallery, East Sydney, NSW, 5-22 October.

Reload: one night stack, exhibition, Fiona V. Fell

2011 Grafton Regional Gallery, Grafton, NSW, 25 May - 3 July.


I'interruption, video recording, Fiona V. Fell and Raimond de Weerdt


Black pop songwriting 1963-1966: an analysis of U.S. top forty hits by Cooke, Mayfield, Stevenson, Robinson, and Holland-Dozier-Holland, Jon Fitzgerald

2011 Pop music and easy listening 97-140.

Soapbox choreography I, II & III, Robert Garbutt

2011 Art in Chemistry, Chemistry in Art (exhibition).

The locals: identity, place and belonging in Australia and beyond, Robert George Garbutt



The folklore of death: 'cantos de angeles' and cultural syncretism on the island of Chiloe, Waldo Garrido and Sandra Garrido

2011 7th International Small Island Cultures Conference.


Scoring Essington: composition, comprovisation, collaboration, Michael Hannan

2011 Screen Sound 2 48-63.

The Fifth continent (works by Peter Sculthorpe), Michael Francis Hannan

2011 ABC Classics.


Zen variations, sound recording (CD), Michael Francis Hannan


Queer(y)ing pedagogy and cultural studies: critical reflections on teaching sexuality, She Hawke and Baden Offord

2011 Queerying paradigms II: interrogating agendas 191-208.


Behind the pages, Lynda Hawryluk

2011 Be 12.


On island time: the writing workshop as cultural tourism, Lynda Hawryluk

2011 7th International Small Islands Cultures Conference 42-49.


Remote musical collaboration and gestural interactions, Barry J. Hill and Joshua Batty

2011 Interact Connect Workshop.


Beneath Clouds and The Boys: jazz artists making film music, Matthew Hill

2011 Screen Sound 2 27-47.

Out of the speakers: analysis tools for recorded music, Matthew Hill

2011 Making sound waves: diversity, unity, equity: Proceedings of the XVIII Australian Society for Music Education National Conference 135-143.


Ai WeiWei, Wes Hill

2011 Eyeline 73.


Charley Harper, Wes Hill

2011 Frieze:142.


Dirk Stewen, Wes Hill

2011 Frieze d/e 3.


Into the trees: the forking paths of Gary Carsley, Wes Hill

2011 Art & Australia 49:1.

La Biennale di Venezia: 54th international art exhibition 2011, Wes Hill

2011 Eyeline 75.


Matt Mullican, Wes Hill

2011 Artforum International.


Paul Laffoley, Wes Hill

2011 Artforum International.


Plamen Dejanoff, Wes Hill

2011 Artforum International.


Sarah Ryan, Wes Hill

2011 Art & Australia 48:4.


Zoe Leonard, Wes Hill

2011 Frieze 143.

Lemurs, roswell, wheat, pyramids, mosquitoes, yellow skin, humans that lay eggs, nazi aryanism, Wes Hill and Wendy Wilkins


From banana to Bollywood: the creation of Woolgoolga Curryfest as an expression of community, Mandy Hughes

2011 Regional Food Cultures and Network Conference.


The social life of food: Book review: A sociology of food and nutrition: the social appetite, Mandy Hughes

2011 Australian Humanities Review 51.

Experiences and issues faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (GLBT) carers, and those for whom they care, and implications for service provision, Mark Hughes

2011 Changing society; changing needs – new directions in carers support: Carers NSW Biennial Conference.


The Productivity Commission inquiry into aged care: a critical review, Mark Hughes

2011 Australian Social Work 64:4 526-536.


Older LGBT people’s care networks and communities of practice: a brief note, Mark Hughes and Sue Kentlyn

2011 International Social Work 54:3 436-444.

Faith-based homespace: decoding good taste in a monastery, Andrew S. Jones and Adele Wessell

2011 Food as communication: communication as food 57-72.

Caravans & communes: stories of settling in the Tweed 1970s & 1980s, Johanna Kijas



Life under the light: lighthouse families of New South Wales, Johanna Kijas


Not leaving it to chance: establishing an organisational culture for organ donation in South Australia, Johanna Kijas



Risk and efficacy in biomedical media representations of herbal medicine and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), Monique Lewis

2011 Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 16:3 210-217.

Serenade, music for guitar and string orchestra, live performance, Matthew Marshall


Solo classical guitar recital, BLOW! Festival of Creative Arts, live performance, Matthew Marshall


Guitarmania! Latin American music for one and two guitars, live performance, Matthew Marshall and C Ross


The empowered female and the re-configuration of power relations in African-American women writers’ neo-slave narratives, Maja Milatovic

2011 9th Aberystwyth-Lancaster graduate colloquium.

Curry communism and ancient epics: a taste of South India, Lisa Milner

2011 Food for thought: writing recipes & art.


Framing the unions: the changing images of unionists on screen, Lisa Milner

2011 Labour history and its people: papers from the twelfth National Labour History Conference 204-213.

Screening unions: representations of worker-citizenship in Australia films, Lisa Milner

2011 International Journal of the Arts in Society 6:2 139-150.


Education in practical music through group teaching, Annie Mitchell

2011 Problems in Music Pedagogy 8 33-39.