Papers from 2013

Sexuality and social work, Mark Hughes

2013 Social work: contexts and practice 99-110.

Discussing end of life caer planning with LGBT people, Mark Hughes and Colleen M. Cartwright

2013 Grey Expectations: Ageing in the 21st Century: 46th Australian Association of Gerontology National Conference.

Embedding a personalised online learning environment in a social work curriculum: opportunities and challenges, Mark Hughes, Hilary Gallagher, and Lester J. Thompson

2013 EDULEARN13: 5th International conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, Conference Proceedings 5505-5514.

Health and wellbeing of LGBTI seniors in New South Wales, Mark Hughes and S Kentlyn

2013 Grey Expectations: Ageing in the 21st Century: 46th Australian Association of Gerontology National Conference.

Getting published in Australian social work: sharing tips and resources, Mark Hughes, Bruce Lord, and Joshua Pitt

2013 Making connections: learning & leadership in social work: AASW national symposium.

Electronic portfolios and personalised learning environments: opportunities and challenges in using online technology in a new social work programme, Mark Hughes, Lester J. Thompson, and Hilary Gallagher

2013 Positive practice in hard times: social work fights back: 15th UK Joint Social Work Education Conference and 7th UK Social Work Research Conference.

Organisations and management in social work: everyday action for change, Mark Hughes and Michael Wearing

2013 .


Designing contemporary music courses for the 21st century musician: virtual worlds as a live music performance space, Lisa Jacka and Matthew Hill

2013 Proceedings of the 30th ascilite Conference: electric dreams 412-421.

Thinking with film: engaging the emotions, Erika Kerruish

2013 Screen Education 72 42-47.


Information truth and meaning: a response to Budd's prolegomena, Robert G. Lingard

2013 Journal of Documentation 69:4 481-499.


Academic inspiration series: Toni Morrison’s beloved and Audre Lorde’s zami: a new spelling of my name, Maja Milatovic

2013 LSE Review of Books.

Bob Marley, Maja Milatovic

2013 The Literary Encyclopedia.

Decentering whiteness: formulating antiracist pedagogy, Maja Milatovic

2013 Gender Annual Conference.


Indigenous feminism, politics and the importance of intersectionality: a conversation with Celeste Liddle, Maja Milatovic

2013 The Postcolonialist.

Racial violence, social justice and survival: engaging African American testimonies as resistant acts, Maja Milatovic

2013 Postcolonial Studies 16:4 412-415.


Racial violence, social justice and survival: engaging African American testimonies as resistant acts, Maja Milatovic

2013 Postcolonial Studies 16:4 412-415.


Review of 'Black muslims in the US: history, politics and the struggle of a community' by Samory Rashid, Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2013, Maja Milatovic

2013 LSE Review of Books.


Review of 'Entangled subjects: Indigenous/Australian cross-cultures of talk, text and modernity', by M Grossman, Rodopi, Amsterdam, 2013, Maja Milatovic

2013 Transnational Literature 6:1.


Review of "Presumed incompetent: the intersections of race and class for women in academia" by Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs, Yolanda Flores Niemann, Carmen G González, Angela P Harris, Utah State University Press, Utah, USA, 2012, Maja Milatovic

2013 Transnational Literature 6:1.


Review of 'Young American Muslims: dynamics of identity' by Nahid Afrose Kabir, Edinburgh University Press, 2013, Maja Milatovic

2013 LSE Review of Books.

Stitching herstories: ancestral presence and the metaphor of quilting in African American women’s contemporary literature, Maja Milatovic

2013 What is Africa to me now?: the continent and its literary diasporas.


Critical pedagogies symposium: a space for dialogue to challenge intersecting oppressions in academia, Maja Milatovic and Lena Wanggren

2013 LSE Impact of Social Sciences.


Embedded gambling promotion in Australian football broadcasts: an exploratory study, Lisa Milner, Nerilee Hing, Peter Vitartas, and Matthew James Lamont

2013 Communication, Politics & Culture 46:2 177-198.


Paronella Park: music, migration and the tropical exotic, Annie Mitchell

2013 etropic 12:2 special edn. 197-209.


Bricolage/Montage/Collage: Running writing, Quills, Containment, How things are made, Nollie Nahrung

2013 Polari Journal 8.


Cooking with Luce: parler-femme through textual montage, Nollie Nahrung

2013 M/C Journal 16:3.

Home & away: autoethnographic fragments of queer heterosexuality, Nollie Nahrung

2013 Polari Journal 8.


Gender, sexuality and cosmopolitanism in multicultural Australia: a case study, Baden Offord

2013 GEMC Journal 8 6-21.


Queer activist intersections in Southeast Asia: human rights and cultural studies, Baden Offord

2013 Asian Studies Review: Special Issue: Human Rights in Asia 37:3 335-349.

Military manoeuvres, Denise N. Rall

2013 Embellish 1:2 36-37.


AYAC National Snapshot of Youth Work 2013, Elizabeth Reimer

2013 Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC), Sydney, NSW.

Parents’ perspectives of how the parent-family worker relationship enhances parenting capacity to support children’s wellbeing in families where child neglect is an issue, Elizabeth Reimer

2013 Developing Practice: The Child, Youth and Family Work Journal 34 47-55.

The relationship between family support workers and families where child neglect is a concern, Elizabeth Reimer

2013 Working with vulnerable families: a partnership approach 142-159.


Relationship-based practice with families where child neglect is an issue: putting relationship development under the microscope, Elizabeth C. Reimer

2013 Australian Social Work 66:3 455-470.


Kim Scott's fiction within Western Australia life-writing: voicing the violence of removal and displacement, Cornelius Martin Renes

2013 Coolabah 10, Pacific solutions in hindsight, special edn. 177-189.

Spectral matters: Mudrooroo's ghostly deconstruction of 'authentic' Australianness, Cornelius Martin Renes

2013 On the Margins: EASA12 Conference.

That deadman dance: postcolonising dreaming narrative, Cornelius Martin Renes

2013 ASL 2013 'Country' Conference.

A precarious presence: some realities and challenges of academic casualisation in Australian universities, Maarten Richard Rothengatter and Richard Hil

2013 Australian Universities Review 55:2 51-59.

Auto-choreography: the genii in the driftwood, Kim M. Satchell

2013 Perspectives on progress.

Creative practices as an ethic of invention, Kim M. Satchell

2013 Doing cultural studies: interrogating practice, Intermezzo Symposium.


Poetics of the weather / studies in creativity, Kim M. Satchell

2013 Text: Writing Creates Ecology and Ecology Creates Writing 20.

Belonging in the hermetic tradition, Kim M. Satchell, Jenny Ledgar, and Lynda Hawryluk

2013 2013 Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival.


Introduction: strange attractors: a thematic ecology and a storm, Kim M. Satchell and Lorraine Shannon

2013 Text 20:Special edn..

Waves, design, performance, Lorraine Shannon and Kim M. Satchell

2013 Balance-Unbalance International Conference 2013.


Bluesfest Crushes: an exploration of fandom at a regional blues festival, Jeanti St Clair and Denise N. Rall

2013 Proceedings of the PopCAANZ 4th Annual International Conference 259-273.

Anatomy as spectacle: Public exhibitions of the body from 1700 to the present, Elizabeth Stephens


Normal, normalisation, normativity, Elizabeth Stephens

2013 Transgender Studies Quarterly 1:1 203-206.


Is the information market failing the welfare sector or has democracy been hijacked?, Lester J. Thompson and Jo Coghlan

2013 New Commmunity 11:1, iss. 42 28-32.


From absolutes to a relational approach when working in international development, Lester J. Thompson and Elizabeth Reimer

2013 New Commmunity 11:2, iss. 42 9-17.


Professional development in the contemporary educational context: encouraging practice wisdom, Lester J. Thompson and Deborah West

2013 Social Work Education: The International Journal 32:1 118-133.

Revisiting the greening of prime-time television soap operas, Kitty van Vuuren, Susan Ward, and Rebecca Coyle

2013 Media International Australia, Incorporating Culture & Policy 146 35-47.


Belonging to the rainbow region: place local media and the construction of civil and moral identities strategic to climate change adaptability, Susan Ward and Kitty van Vuuren

2013 Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture 7:1 63-79.


Cookbooks for making history: as sources for historians and as records of the past, Adele Wessell

2013 M / C Journal 16:3.


Women’s work in the transition to modernity: the worker cook book and our cookery book, Adele Wessell

2013 Text: Journal of Writing and Writing Courses 24.

Papers from 2012


Absalom's teeth; or, my year of pharmaceuticals: a queer gothic melodrama in four parts, Dallas Angguish

2012 Hold on, I'm coming! 65-82.


Design education and institutional transformation, Dean C. Bruton

2012 Computational design methods and technologies: applications in CAD, CAM and CAE education.

Digital design: a critical introduction, Dean Bruton and Antony Radford



Get Out Of Town, sound recording (CD), Leigh Carriage

2012 .

Music by design: implementing tourist music on cruise ships, David Cashman

2012 Soundtracks: Music, Tourism and Travel.


Repertoire, performance, implementation and standardisation in music for formal dance performance on cruise ships, David Cashman

2012 Proceedings of Routes/Roots/Routines: 2011 IASPM-ANZ Conference.

Pagan religiousness as 'networked individualism', Angela Coco

2012 Spirituality: theory, praxis and pedagogy 125-136.

NT intervention and income quarantining, Jo Coghlan

2012 Alternative Law Journal 37:2 12-125.


Reporting Megawati's bid for the Indonesian Presidency: framing and social reality, Jo Coghlan

2012 Communication, Politics and Culture 45 25-38.

Reviewing Labor's internal reviews 1996-2010: looking forward, looking backward, Jo Coghlan and Scott Denton

2012 Melbourne Journal of Politics 35 19-29.

Voice for hope: storytelling and human rights, Janie Conway-Herron

2012 Activating human rights and peace: theories, practices and contexts 27-44.


Kellerman: expanded: a live audio-visual performance in the Whitsundays, Grayson Cooke

2012 Shima 6:1 147-155.


Outback and beyond, Grayson Cooke

2012 JMP Screenworks 3.

Australia: terra omnium', 'Slippery as a fish' and 'Travelling (east-west)', Moya Costello

2012 Small Wonder: an anthology of prose poetry and microfiction 37-47.


Living Australian wine, Moya Costello

2012 China-Australia Entrepreneurs 2 70-71.

One-22, Patricia Costello and Moya Costello

2012 :Etchings Melb. 31-38.


North of Hollywood north: Bowen Island and screen production networks, Rebecca Coyle

2012 Shima: The International Journal of Research into Island Cultures 62:1 67-82.

Sense-making as methodology for spirituality theory, praxis, pedagogy and research, Brenda Dervin, Kathleen D Clark, Angela Coco, Lois Foreman-Wernet, Christlin P Rajendram, and CarrieLynn Reinhard

2012 Spirituality: theory, praxis and pedagogy 83-94.


Funding and ethics in Métis community based research: the complications of a contemporary context, Mike Evans, Chris Andersen, Devin Dietrich, Carrie Bourrassa, Tricia Logan, Lawrence D. Berg, and Elizabeth Devolder

2012 International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies 5:1 54-66.

Metis networks in British Columbia: examples from the central interior, Mike Evans, Jean Barman, Gabrielle Legault, Erin Dolmage, and Geoff Appleby

2012 Contours of a people: Metis family, mobility, and history 331-367.

New media, participatory methodologies, and the popularization of Mètis history, Mike Evans and Jon Corbett

2012 Popularizing research: engaging new genres, media, and audiences.

Planes of illusion: music soundtrack, rendition and attribution in Sanctum, Jon Fitzgerald, Philip Hayward, and David Brennan

2012 Perfect Beat 13:2 111-126.

Prince George Métis Elders' documentary project: matching product with process in new forms of documentary, Stephen Foster, Mike Evans, and Prince George Métis Elders Society

2012 Reverse shots: Indigenous film and media in an international context.

The use of ePortfolios to facilitate students’ understanding of diversity, Hilary Gallagher and Mark Hughes

2012 AASWWE 2012 Symposium.

Everyday peace, human rights, belonging and local activism in a 'peaceful' nation, Robert Garbutt

2012 Activating human rights and peace: theories, practices and contexts 27-44.


Into the borderlands: unruly pedagogy, tactile theory and the decolonising nation, Robert Garbutt, Soenke Biermann, and Baden Offord

2012 Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies 26:1 62-81.


A scholarly affair: activating cultural studies, Robert Garbutt and Baden Offord

2012 The Review of Education, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies (Special Double Issue) 34:1 3-7.

Activating human rights and peace: an overview of theory, practice and context, Bee Chen Goh, Baden Offord, and Robert George Garbutt

2012 Activating human rights and peace: theories, practices and contexts.

Activating human rights and peace: theories, practices and contexts, Bee Chen Goh, Baden Offord, and Robert George Garbutt



Birds calling in cloud valley, sound recording (CD), Michael Francis Hannan


Doctoral-level artistic research in the field of music: issues and case studies, Michael Francis Hannan

2012 Proceedings Music Paedeia: from ancient greek philosophers toward global music communities: 30th ISME World Conference on Music Education 141-145.

Reflections on the protean music career, Michael Francis Hannan

2012 Life in the real world: how to make music graduates employable 125-141.


The role of popular songwriting in three Australian tertiary music curricula: different strokes for different folks?, Michael Francis Hannan and Diana Blom

2012 Educating professional musicians in a global context: 19th International Seminar of the ISME Commission for the Education of the Professional Musician (CEPROM) 54-59.


A call for slow scholarship: a case study on the intensification of academic life and its implications for pedagogy, Yvonne Hartman and Sandy Darab

2012 The Review of Education, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies (Special Double Issue) 34:1-2.


The sleeping camel hosts an Indian summer squall, Lynda Hawryluk

2012 TEXT Special Issue: Creative Writing as Research II.

Numinous ambience: spirituality, dreamtimes and fantastic Aboriginality, Philip Hayward

2012 The music of fantasy cinema 40-57.

Human machine music: an analysis of creative practices among Australian ‘live electronica’ musicians, Barry Hill and Jon Fitzgerald

2012 Perfect Beat 13:2 161-180.


Cathy Wilkes, Wes Hill

2012 Frieze 145.


Das institut mit United Brothers und Nhu Duong, Wes Hill

2012 Frieze 4.


Douglas Gordon: Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany, Wes Hill

2012 Frieze 146.


Everything falls apart, part II, Wes Hill

2012 Artforum International.


On post-critical art, Wes Hill

2012 Broadsheet 41:1 65-67.


Peter Tyndall, Wes Hill

2012 Artforum International.


Rivane Neuenschwander & Haegue Yang, Wes Hill

2012 Frieze d/e 5.

Sarah Ryan, Wes Hill

2012 Art and Australia collection awards projects 2003-2013.

The curator as all-seeing god, Wes Hill

2012 Broadsheet 41:3.