Papers from 2004

What makes a good nurse? : a study conducted for WDGH NHS Trust by Bournemouth University to identify nursing practice and care within the Trust, Iain W. Graham, Christine Partlow, and Elaine Maxwell

Managing watersheds for a better future: improved catchment management methodologies to achieve poverty alleviation through better access to water, N Jackson, Anna Marie Giacomello, Dermot P. O'Regan, Caroline A. Sullivan, and G Patterson


The hydrological effects of floodgate management on coastal floodplain agriculture: final report for project DAN13, Scott G. Johnston and Peter G. Slavich


Bass Coast sexuality education project: needs analysis and professional development evaluation report, Deana Leahy, Rosalind Horne, and Lyn Harrison


Health inequity: a review of the literature, Donna Lloyd, Sallie Newell, and Uta C. Dietrich

Advances in sea cucumber aquaculture and management, Alessandro Lovatelli, Chantal Conand, Steven W. Purcell, Sven Uthicke, Jean-François Hamel, and Annie Mercier

Tweed River Festival, Joanne Mackellar, Margaret Tiyce, and S Pheuringer

Because children matter: making a case for addressing child poverty in Australia, J O'Brien and Elizabeth Reimer

Tactile therapies in cancer: evidence for complementary therapies in cancer, Paul J. Orrock

UnitingCare Burnside House of Representatives Family and Community Affairs Committee Inquiry into child custody arrangements in the event of family separation, Elizabeth Reimer

UnitingCare Burnside submission to the Federal Senate Inquiry into Poverty and Financial Hardship, Elizabeth Reimer


Bringing life to legislation: building a strong legislative framework for and with people with disability, Sally Robinson and Jan Dyke


Walking the Talk: a framework for effective engagement for people with disability, families and people who support them, Sally Robinson and Jan Dyke


Draft regional action plan for the conservation of mangroves, Peter Saenger and Ahmed SM Khalil

The assessment of pre and post 2003 wildfire data collected from subalpine transects in Kosciuszko National Park, report no. 35, Pascal Scherrer, D J. Wimbush, and G Wright

An assessment of the potential impacts of climate-induced deglaciation on communities and their livelihoods in the Hindu Kush Himalaya, Caroline A. Sullivan, S P. Rijal, M Shrestha, N Khanal, and Dermot P. O'Regan

A comparative economic analysis of the impacts of improved agroforestry techniques in Sahelian farming systems in Senegal and Mali, Caroline A. Sullivan, P Sissoko, D Sidibe, Dermot P. O'Regan, A Sene, S AN Samba, and J D. Deans

Tweed Valley Banana Festival, Margaret Tiyce and Joanne Mackellar

Wintersun Festival, Margaret Tiyce and Joanne Mackellar

Wollumbin Festival, Margaret Tiyce and Joanne Mackellar

Papers from 2003

Investigate the perceived efficacy of responsible gambling strategies in Queensland hotels, casinos and licensed clubs: interim report, Helen Breen, Jeremy Buultjens, and Nerilee Hing


Perceived efficacy of responsible gambling strategies in Queensland hotels, casinos and licensed clubs, Helen Breen, Jeremy Buultjens, and Nerilee Hing

Report of the Australian & New Zealand Neonatal Network, 2001, Deborah Donoghue and Australian and New Zealand Neonatal Network

Submission to the House of Representatives Inquiry into Child Custody Arrangements in the Event of Family Separation, Robyn Margaret Fitzgerald, Richard Harris, and Anne Graham

Identifying the staff development needs of individuals involved in nursing and midwifery education: NHSE Staff Development Project, B Goodman, Mary Watkins, Iain W. Graham, Dawn Jackson, Jill MacLeod Clark, Sue Latter, K Ross, and Elizabeth Rosser


Report on a survey of professional development approaches and needs of teachers in the Lismore Diocese, Anne Graham and Renata Phelps


Report on the Collaborative Research Initiative: investigation of the effect of a metacognitive and reflective approach to the professional development of teachers in information and communication technology (ICT), Anne Graham and Renata Phelps

Evaluation of the Lismore City Council Crime Prevention Plan, Stewart Hase

Report of the evaluation of the workplace assessor component of the 'Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training', Stewart Hase and Helen Saenger


An assessment of member awareness, perceived adequacy and perceived effectiveness of responsible gambling strategies in Sydney clubs, Nerilee Hing


Restoring the balance : guidelines for managing floodgates and drainage systems on coastal floodplains, Scott G. Johnston, Frederieke Kroon, Peter G. Slavich, Alan Cibilic, and Andrew Bruce

Hydraulic conductivity in the sulfuric horizons at Partridge Creek acid sulfate soil hotspot, Scott G. Johnston, Peter G. Slavich, and Phillip Hirst

Women and landscape: NSW Western Parks Project: an historical study of women and outback landscapes for the cultural heritage division of NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Johanna Kijas

Byron Bay New Year’s Eve 2002/2003: systematic observation and critical evaluation, Meredith Lawrence and Ros Derrett

Contradiction and consensus: understanding the organ donation decision, Gail Moloney


Northern Rivers Equity Profile (Phase 1), Sallie Newell, Donna Lloyd, Therese Dunn, and Uta C. Dietrich

UnitingCare Burnside submission to the House of Representatives Family and Community Affairs Committee: inquiry into improving children's health and well being, Elizabeth Reimer

Freedom of Information report, Rocque Reynolds

Hastings Council greenhouse action strategy, Anna Scott and M Rogers

An evaluation of the Perfecting Healthcare Delivery Project, D Sibbritt, Jon Adams, E Southgate, R Walker, G Isbister, Sandy Darab, and M Bernard


Winners and losers in forest product commercialisation, Caroline A. Sullivan and Dermot P. O'Regan

Aged care needs, Lismore and Alstonville: statistical profile and community consultation, Michelle Wallace, Diane Newton, and Robert George Garbutt


Recognition of prior learning: policy and practice in Australia, Leesa Wheelahan, Peter Miller, Diane Newton, Ned Dennis, John Firth, Susan Pascoe, and Peter Veenker

Papers from 2002

Quality of life in terminal illness and factors leading to requests for euthanasia: perspectives of carers and Blue Nurses, Colleen M. Cartwright

Suicide prevention among older men: project evaluation, Colleen M. Cartwright, D McLaughlin, and Helen Bartlett

Community and health/allied health professionals’ attitudes to euthanasia: what are the driving forces?, Colleen M. Cartwright, Gail M. Williams, Margaret A. Steinberg, and J M. Najman


Report of the Australian and New Zealand Neonatal Network, 2000, Deborah Donoghue and Australian and New Zealand Neonatal Network

Experiences of children in family law proceedings in an Australian context: pilot study: joint research project report, Anne Graham and Robyn Margaret Fitzgerald

Professional development for nurse leadership : Salisbury Health Care NHS Trust : an evaluation of personal and professional development amongst directorate senior nurses, Iain W. Graham and Christine Partlow

Review of specific aspects of the Far Northern Queensland Aged Care Assessment Team, L Gray and Colleen M. Cartwright

Social disadvantage in communities in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW : a report of five case studies of communites in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW, Stewart Hase, Renata Phelps, Helen Saenger, and Jill Gordon-Thomson

West Byron wetland vegetation history report., Jeffrey F. Parr and Kathryn H. Taffs


Children and young people's participation in the welfare sector: a literature review: a scaffold for participation in agency work, Elizabeth Reimer Dr

UnitingCare Burnside Consultation on the draft of Australia’s combined second and third report under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Elizabeth Reimer

UnitingCare Burnside Family Court of Australia Family Violence policy review, Elizabeth Reimer

UnitingCare Burnside New South Wales Law Reform Commission Consultation on Part 15A of the Crimes Act 1900, Elizabeth Reimer

Evaluating your water : a management primer for the Water Poverty Index, Caroline A. Sullivan, Jeremy Meigh, and Dermot O. O'Regan

Developing and testing the Water Poverty Index: phase 1 final technical report, Caroline A. Sullivan, Jeremy R. Meigh, and T Fediw

Scoping study on the identification of hot spots – areas of high vulnerability to climatic variability and change identified using a Climate Vulnerability Index, Caroline A. Sullivan, Jeremy T. Meigh, and Michael C. Acreman

The rainforest way: draft strategic plan, Margaret Tiyce, Ros Derrett, Joanne Mackellar, and Justin St Vincent Welch

An evaluation of the SCU/SIPMM BBA Purchasing and Materials Management (Singapore) from a teaching and learning perspective, Michelle Wallace and Lee Dunn

Papers from 2001

Carole Park project: computers in the community, Angela Coco

Volunteers in event management, Ros Derrett


Report of the Australian & New Zealand Neonatal Network, 1999, Deborah Donoghue and Anne Cust

Evaluation of the impact of nitrogen and phosphorous loads from the Alstonville, Wardell and Ballina sewage treatment plants on water quality in Richmond River catchment and estuary, Bradley D. Eyre and Peter R. Pepperell

Nitrogen and phosphorous budgets for Tuggerah Lakes, Australia, Bradley D. Eyre and Peter R. Pepperell


Aboriginal Health Promotion Self Determination Project: background paper, Anthony Franks, Donna Smith-Lloyd, Sallie Newell, and Uta C. Dietrich

Can you learn to drive a 'dozer' on line?, Stewart Hase and Diane Newton


Chemical contaminants in Cleveland Bay: water quality and ecotoxicological issues, Graham B. Jones, Amanda J. Reichelt-Brushett, A Muslim, Phil Mercurio, G Doherty, and D Haynes


A comparison of pre-service training to identify and report suspected child abuse and neglect in Australia and the United Kingdom, Faye McCallum and Mary Baginsky


Tooty Fruity Vegie Project: process and impact evaluation report, Margaret Miller, Sallie Newell, Anna D. Huddy, Jillian K. Adams, Libby Holden, and Uta C. Dietrich

An evaluation of Wollumbin High School's learning skills and choices programs, Renata Phelps

More than getting through the gate: the involvment of parents with a disability in their children's school educatiton in NSW, Sally Robinson, Fay Hickson, and Robert Strike

Economic valuation of Bundjalung National Park: the travel cost method, Margaret Tiyce

Primex 2001: a survey of visitors and exhibitors, Margaret Tiyce

Papers from 2000

Managed flood releases from reservoirs: issues and guidance, Michael C. Acreman, Francis Farquharson, M P. McCartney, Caroline A. Sullivan, K Campbell, N Hodgson, J Morton, D Smith, M Birley, D Knott, J Lazenby, R Wingfield, and E B. Barbier

An exploration of shared mentorship for newly qualified doctors and nurses, Clive Andrewes, Iain W. Graham, Sarah Le Grice, and Rebecca Pendlebury

Online learning products– the next wave: final evaluation report of the management and development of the Series 2 Toolbox Program (abridged), Yvonne Brunetto, Terry Clark, R Farr-Wharton, R G. Oliver, Daya Pethiyagoda, P Skippington, and S Towers

Radio VL2NI on Norfolk Island: finding the 'comunity' in 'community radio', Rebecca Coyle

The Nimbin Mardi Grass: assessing the economic impact of a small community festival, Kay Dimmock, Margaret Tiyce, and Ros Derrett

Kyogle: capable community or social statistic?: a report on factors which assist rural communities to deal with social disadvantage, Stewart Hase, Renata Phelps, Anne Graham, and Michelle Wallace

Older people and transitions in care: report to the London Borough of Greenwich, Deborah Mayes, Pat Le Riche, and Mark Hughes


Journal publications: writing tips & authorship guidelines, Sallie Newell

From concept to implementation : the nurse consultant, Christine Partlow and Iain W. Graham

Constructing a water poverty index: a feasibility study, Caroline A. Sullivan

Rainforest Way strategic plan, Margaret Tiyce, Joanne Mackellar, Ros Derrett, and Justin St Vincent Welch

Papers from 1999

Semi-compact steel plates with unilateral restraint subjected to bending, compression and shear, M A. Bradford, Scott T. Smith, and D J. Oehlers

Toolboxes for on-line learning – a national initiative for increasing the quantity and quality of on-line learning resources for the VET sector: evaluation report, Yvonne Brunetto, R Farr-Wharton, R G. Oliver, P Skippington, and S Towers

The economic value of coastal land in the Byron Shire, Jeremy Buultjens

Assessment of regional employment outcomes from the development of Cellulose Valley: a new, emerging industry in the commercial production of natural and complementary medicines, Jeremy Buultjens and Derrin Davis

Practical options and strategies for the sustainable management of waterbased activities on the Nymboida River, Jeremy Buultjens and Derrin Davis

Gwydir Highway, World Heritage Way: a strategic approach: plan of management, Ros Derrett and Kay Dimmock


A physical classification of Australian estuaries, M J. Digby, Peter Saenger, Michael B. Whelan, David McConchie, Bradley D. Eyre, N Holmes, and Daniel J. Bucher


Australian & New Zealand Neonatal Network, 1996-1997, Deborah A. Donoghue


Australian & New Zealand Neonatal Network, 1998, Deborah Donoghue and Anne Cust

Review of techniques to estimate catchment exports, Rebecca A. Letcher, Anthony J. Jakeman, Wendy S. Merritt, Lester J. McKee, Bradley D. Eyre, and B Baginska

Ecosystem impacts of large dams, M P. McCartney, Caroline A. Sullivan, and Michael C. Acreman

Business census report for the Australia's Holiday Coast, Douglas Neil, Bruce Armstrong, and D O'Brien

Inelastic buckling of rectangular steel plates using a Rayleigh-Ritz method, Scott T. Smith, M A. Bradford, and D J. Oehlers

Inelastic unilateral buckling of rectangular steel plates using a Ritz-based method, Scott T. Smith, M A. Bradford, and D J. Oehlers