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Nock, CJ 2001, 'Molecular phylogenetics of the Australian elapid snakes: (Serpentes: Elapidae, Hydrophiinae)', MSc thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright CJ Nock 2001


Evolutionary relationships within the Elapidae have been examined using a wide range of morphological and molecular datasets. Historically, there has been little consensus regarding relationships within the largest of the elapid subfamilies, the Hydrophiinae (sensu Slowinski et al. 1997). This presumed monophyletic group includes the sea kraits (Laticauda), the viviparous sea snakes and the terrestrial Australasian elapida. To examine relationships within this subfamily, mitochondrial DNA (partial 12S rRNA) sequence data were obtained for 19 elapid genera including an African, an Asian, 14 terrestrial Australian, a sea krait (Laticauda) and 2 viviparous sea snake genera.