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Baker, C 2008, 'The seduction of loss', PhD thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright C Baker 2008


‘Seduction of Loss’ is the body of work discussed in this documentation. This work has been created over a period of four years and consists of four installations using multiples of an ‘everyday’ material, seventy five thousand leather, synthetic and cloth belts.

My project visually explores the notion that memory is propelled by loss. By loss I refer to the narratives of our lives that we either choose unconsciously or consciously to forget. In our attempts to reconstruct or modify our memories of past events we focus on particular remembered events. Those memories then become embellished, extended and altered.

The repetitive process of attempting to retrieve those memories allows us to negotiate and rearrange gaps in our personal narratives. My intention was to create a body of work that focused on a specific fraction of time during my childhood. The belts specifically refer to a discussion during one moment of a child’s memory and expand into other moments.

I felt that through the process of retrieving and relating those moments through narrative and repetition, the belts could be fashioned into shapes and forms. The result is a conceptual response to those moments of recollection and engages the use of personal narrative to reinforce the essential relationship of identity and the object.