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Tan-Kuick, G 2012, 'Factors affecting student's preference of nursing education in Singapore', DBA thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright G Tan-Kuick 2012


Singapore nursing education has experienced a number of significant changes in recent years. The Singapore healthcare education industry is finding it increasingly difficult to compete for the limited pool of students. Many studies (e.g., Fonza & Tulker-Allen, 2007; Knox, Irving & Gharrity, 2001; Zysberg & Zisberg, 2008) reported that fewer qualified school leavers choose to be trained as nurses. This difficulty has been felt acutely because the high-quality students that Singapore Nursing has had over the years was a major determinant of the positive professional image of the Singapore nursing workforce. The focus of this study was to understand the factors that influence local post-secondary students’ preference of nursing profession, addressing the factors which are identified from various countries (Bolan & Grainger, 2003; Carpenito-Mayet, 2002; Jrasat, Samawi & Wilson, 2005; Law & Arthur, 2003; Liegler, 2000; Scanion, 2008; Sweet, 2004; While & Blackman, 1998; Wilson, 2006; Zysberg & Zisberg, 2008), and examining the significance of these factors. With this aim in mind, the research questions driving this study are as follows: (a) What are the key factors that influence students choosing to study nursing? (b) How can factors identified internationally be related to the local context?

The main contribution of this study was the derivation of a model that amalgamates five identified factors; Ability, Optimism, Nursing Image, Parents Image in Nursing and Peers Image in Nursing that play a significant role in influencing students’ preference for nursing education as their choice for tertiary study was derived.