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Despland, LM 2013, 'Study of BauxsolTM pellets' efficiency in wastewater treatment and their biocompatibility with microbial communities', PhD thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright LM Despland 2013


This doctoral thesis developed and investigated BauxsolTMpellets for the bio-geochemical treatment of municipal wastewater. Field experiments demonstrated the effectiveness of BauxsolTM pellets to bind phosphate (~95% removal over 6 months) and trace-metals from wastewater. Moreover, genetic analysis confirmed the biocompatibility of BauxsolTM pellets in wastewater treatment. These results showed distinct, well-adapted, and highly diverse microbial communities attached to BauxsolTM pellet. Many of the bacterial communities investigated were involved in the nitrogen cycle, which is ~50% bio-geochemically removed. In conclusion, BauxsolTM pellets provided an improved treatment to municipal wastewater by promoting biological processes while eliminating chemical use for phosphate precipitation.