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Brock R 2009, 'Looking back looking forward : a folio of contemporary original songs within the Australian bush ballad tradition, drawing on the analysis of selected songs', MA thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright R Brock 2009


This thesis is a practice-based project that combines a creative folio (in the form of a complete album of original music - Moving Through the Vineyard) with a written exegesis that documents the creative processes and decisions that underscore the creation of the album. The thesis is inspired by songwriters and poets (both past and present) associated with the Australian bush ballad tradition – artists whose work resonates with my own. I examine the history of Australian bush music and how selected artists have created original material within this tradition, and draw on the results of my examinations in writing and recording a contemporary album with a strong bush music flavour. I also incorporate influences from other musical genres that have intersected with bush music over time - especially country and rock music – and the album represents a natural evolution in terms of my ongoing activity as an Australian songwriter and recording artist.

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