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Ponirin, 2011, 'E-loyalty : its antecedents, implications and differences between developing and developed countries', PhD thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright Ponirin 2011


Data from 387 Indonesian and 222 Australian online customers were used to test the relationships between valid and reliable constructs measuring e-security, e-service quality, perceived e-value, e-satisfaction, e-trust, e-commitment, and e-loyalty in a model of e-loyalty, which was also compared between Indonesia as a developing country and Australia as a developed country.

E-security, e-service quality, perceived e-value, e-satisfaction, e-trust, and e-commitment were found to influence e-loyalty while e-security was also found to influence e-service quality.

Some of the interrelationships between the constructs influencing e-loyalty differed between developing and developed countries and identified differences between on-line customer behaviours in these countries.