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Deschaseaux, E, 2013, 'Dimethylated sulphur compounds in Acropora corals : antioxidant response and implications for climate regulation', PhD thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright E Deschaseaux 2013


This thesis investigated the production of dimethylated sulphur compounds (DSC) in the holobiont and axenic cultures of Symbiodinium isolated from Acropora corals, under both basal conditions and environmental stress, with the aim to assess their role as climate regulators and antioxidants. Together, the main outcomes of this thesis indicated that the production of coral-derived DSC could participate in aerosol formation over Acropora dominated coral reefs if not consumed as a response to oxidative stress; and that the coral biogenic sulphur cycle is likely to be affected under future climate change scenarios, with possible consequences on climate regulation over coral reefs.