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Naudé, C 2010, 'Painting process as journey : movement and stasis : meditation and materiality', MA thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright C Naudé 2010


This exegesis documents and supports a studio-based research project that produced a body of work, resulting in an exhibition entitled ‘Meditation and Materiality’. This project aimed to integrate an exploration of the physicality and materiality of painting with the universal interconnectedness experienced in deep meditation practices.

Central to this research was the concept of journey, specifically the parallels between the metaphor of the poetic image on canvas and my inner journey: my worldly travels and the performance of paint as material. Further parallels emerged such as the ritual of preparation in the studio mirrored that for meditation space, and immateriality and materiality.

During my enquiry a new painterly language began to form, that led to the development of techniques of pouring and manipulating the liquidity and textures of the medium, giving me a means to communicate the notion of unity.

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