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Zeng, R 2013, 'Attributes influencing home buyers' purchase decisions : a quantitative study of the Wuhan residential housing market', DBA thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright R Zeng 2013


Focusing on Wuhan - one of the top ten cities in China - this thesis examines the impacts of alternative housing attribute preferences and aspects of service quality on housing purchase decisions and the post-purchase satisfaction of home buyers. A total of 478 mail surveys were returned and used for data analysis. Estimation results indicated that “location attributes” and “aesthetics” positively influenced home buyers’ purchase decisions. Demographic variables also significantly influenced housing purchase decisions, notably age, marital status, educational background, occupation and family status. Home buyers’ post-purchase satisfaction was influenced by “surrounding environment”, “external property appearance and space”, “aesthetics”, and the “quality of service provided by housing suppliers”.

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