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Fung Man-kam, L 2014, 'A study of the participation of stakeholders in the loss control and prevention and improvements of occupational safety and health at work for property management in Hong Kong', DBA thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright L Fung Man-kam 2014


Synopsis: This research explored valuable and critical Occupational Safety and Health Management (OSHM) issues in the local Property Management (PM) industry of Hong Kong. It focuses on key theoretical and practical issues arising from efficient, effective and reliable OSH Management proposed for implementation in the industry and considers Loss Control and Prevention (LCP) and improvement of OSH Standard (IOS). In sum, the stakeholders should overcome the difficulties in implementing OSHM, eliminate potential job hazards and formulate the most suitable proposals for their LCP, IOS and other benefits by OSHM.

Methodology: This research starts from an initial review of the available literatures relevant to the OSH and the operations of PM such as construction safety, LCP, CSR, accident statistics, legal case studies and news clippings. Review of past research, work analysis, questionnaire survey by face-to-face discussions and mailing, case reviews and personal interviews with key industrial stakeholders constitute the next steps of our data collection and analysis.