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Lim, KC 2014, 'How to achieve alignment of the Malaysian Gen Y workforce with the systems and structures of organisations in Malaysia', DBA thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright KC Lim 2014


In Malaysia and other parts of the world, a large percentage of young adults are joining the workforce while the older cohorts are retiring. This generation mix is posing challenges to reconcile different mindsets, perceptions and attitudes towards work and classical organisational practices. This research explores these challenges and probable solutions.

A qualitative research approach was adopted with seven focus groups conducted for Generation Y and eight interviews with CEOs, general managers and human resources managers for organisations. All data gathering took place in Malaysia.

The conclusion reached is that Generation Y members can be groomed to be productive workers and motivated to remain longer in an organisation when appropriate actions are taken by organisations.

The findings from this study will be useful to both Generation Y and organisations.